Monday, May 09, 2011

Have a seat!

Yesterday when I came home the neighbors were cleaning out their garage. They had the most amazing bench out front and I told them if they ever thought they wanted to part with it they should let me know. Well, guess what?! It was already on Craigslist so my wonderful neighbor carried it right into my house!!

Now the question is....leave it like it is....or redo it? By redo it I mean put new fabric on and paint the metal. What do you think? What would you do?? HELP!


Kayla said...

Redo with some awesome fabric! Good excuse to go on a trip with your mom to Stone Mountain & Daughter in Berkeley!

Lyssa said...

What a gorgeous bench! I would repaint and add new fabric for sure! Lucky lady!

katie jean said...

This is such a great bench! You are going to have such fun with it!!

Duffy said...

I could see painting it, but the fabric is the best part! That's a serious gold! Love it.


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