Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cheesy Crap

With a title like that I can assure you we are going no where that you think we are going! About a month or so ago I learned of a site called Free Crappy Portraits. The concept is simple, you email them a photo and a "crappy" artist will draw that photo for you and email it back. I of course HAD to send one in. I decided to go with this one.I knew I wanted something with both Leyton and myself in it. Then I TOTALLY forgot about it. Until today, when my email box said "Your Free Crappy Portrait." I then opened it up and laughed my ass off. I mean first off, the person isn't a terrible artist. It's pretty cute actually. What cracks me up is all the cheesiness going on in their portrayal. I had to give them a bio and I believe I told them something about us being big fans of cheese. This will no doubt be framed and hung in Leyton's room. Thank you Shiori!


Melissa B. said...

LOL ~ That is pretty darn cute! It will look great in Leyton's room!

Morgan said...

That is HILARIOUS> LOVE it "Crappy Portrait" I would have laughed to tears. Where did you order that?


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