Friday, May 13, 2011

Bird Feet

Tomorrow is my little dude's birthday. I have no idea how I feel about that. It's so fun to watch him grow and see all the little changes, but damn.....really a year already? So last night is struck me at 9:30pm that a year ago I was being admitted to the hospital to be induced since my little bugger was not budging. You can read all about that here. It's crazy to think back on that now and to think of all the things I would do differently if there ever was a second time around. On the same note, no matter how things went it really ended up with the perfect outcome, I came home with Leyton Maxwell Ball.

I've spent today getting ready for the party. The theme for his party is Moose A Moose and Zee D Bird. If you don't watch Nick Jr then you likely have no idea what I am talking about. They look like this.

Since Leyton was LITTLE he was drawn to Moose A Moose. Now, don't go thinking we just threw him in front of the tv but I will admit it was fun to put on some programs. Moose is the host, comes in in lieu of commercials and sings songs and plays games. Leyton LOVES him. Stops dead in his tracks when he hears him. It was only fitting to celebrate with the Moose. I'm still working on the cake for Leyton, but here's a peek at the cupcakes for the other peeps. Now, you finally have the answer to the great bird feet tweet last night! Can't wait to show you more party shots....see you with those on Sunday!


JaymiPop said...

Cute! Audrey and I made Moose & Zee felt toys once using templates from Nick Jr online....Super easy idea for your party maybe :)

Happy birthday little man!!!

Duffy said...

VERY impressive!


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