Tuesday, May 03, 2011


I'm just going to throw it out there for you....Leyton is a piggy when it comes to eating! He has no interest in spoons and would much prefer smearing the food around and shoveling it into his mouth by the fist fulls. This typically means that a TON of food ends up on him and even more in his highchair. I started taking off his clothes while he ate to save some of the mess I would have to clean up after. Problem was it still got ALL over the highchair and I found myself washing the cover almost daily. Then I found a bib.

I bought this bib because it was cute and I wanted to put one in Leyton's Easter basket. Then I started using it. It is seriously the best bib ever! It is made by Circo and only sold at Target. There are a couple things that make it great. It is a great material. After eating I rinse it off and hang it from the hanging baskets in my kitchen to dry. It is also a good size and covers the whole front of him. Then there is the pocket. I have had bibs with pockets before but most of the time the pocket folded down or just simply did not work. This pocket is AWESOME! It is stiff and seems to catch every single drop of food that falls down the front of Leyton. Wait, it gets better.

The pocket has Velcro on the sides so you just unhook it and voila, the food comes right out! Makes it super easy to clean. I highly recommend that any mommy with an eating kiddo go out and get one. I now have a bin full of bibs that never get used because this is the only one I go for!

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Cassie said...

I agree these are the best bibs ever! I love the monkeys, so cute!
Just found your blog, excited to follow


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