Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thrifty Adventures!

This week was not too thrifty for me being so sick. I thought first about not participating today but then I thought WAIT! Why does all thrifty goodness have to come from a thrift? To me thrifting is about finding that great item, either recent or vintage, and getting it for a fraction of the price. You might find thrifting at thrift stores, flea markets, rummage sales, garage sales, etc.

Sometimes though you are handed down something. Something that may have ended up in that person's yard sale or taken and dumped at the thrift on their next visit. I think these are still thrifty adventures, they just get put right in your lap!

So today, I thought I'd show you something that the hubby and I recently got and also something I've had for quite a long time now that was handed down to me.

We get quite a few thrifty great items from my husband's parents, mostly books for Leyton. On a recent trip my father in law asked the hubby if he wanted a flag. It was my father in law's brothers that he brought over on a boat. We really got no other information than that, but the hubby jumped on the offer. When we got it home I unfolded it. I'm not Americana buff, but it had a great look to it. Good shape, but has a bit of wear, the white is discolored and just has that overall "old" look to it. The thing is massive so I put it out flat. Then I noticed something...the stars were all in a rows. I got to counting and realized, there are only 48 stars on this flag. How fantastic is that? I'm not absolutely in love with this flag and want to somehow have it framed and put on a wall. It will seriously take up the ENTIRE wall.

Another item I have in my house is an old chalk board from a school house. For those that are local peeps, this chalkboard was the original menu board for Java City when they first opened their doors at 18th and Capitol. I worked for the company for years and was lucky enough to be given this item by the original owner with the premise that I "didn't sell it!" The thing was in shambles and had been in a warehouse for years. So, the hubby and I cleaned it up and it's been in our house ever since. You will occasionally catch me posting drawings for the holidays on there and every kiddo that comes to the house LOVES it. I can't wait till Leyton is old enough to draw on it.

So, those are my thrifty items for you this week! Do you have any hand me down treasures, link up and share. Be sure to also check out what Katie Jean found this week!!


Eileen @ Bringing Up Bronwyn said...

48 stars ;) The flag before HI and AK. So it's from sometime before 1959.

Every time I drive past the Salvation Army in Sac and they have their 50% off sign I think of you.

Stacey B said...

Ha! It is 48, that's how foggy my head still is right now.

Evie Love said...

Love the chalkboard! What fun!

katie jean said...

Stacey, I love that chalkboard! Especially that it is vertical. And such nice wood too. love it!


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