Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thrifty Adventures

Welcome back! Sorry I missed you all last week, I hope you had a good chance to find some thrifty finds. This week I am excited about a Children's record collection that I find. I got 15 albums total, but don't want to make you fall asleep with that big of a show and tell so I'll just show you a couple of my favorites.This, in my opinion, is the prized possession of the collection. This was the first album that was released by Sesame Street. It includes a book inside that is in pretty good shape, just has some old tape holding it together in parts. Still not convinced that at $3 this was a complete score? Well, how about the fact that it still had this inside...
That would be the poster that came with the record, still inside and looking great! I really want to frame this and hang it in Leyton's room, but I'm running out of wall space in there. I've looked around online and most people selling this don't have the poster and still get $25 for the album!

Next up, for the circus lovers out there, I got this 45.
Now it might not look like much from the outside, but open it up and WOWZA! There is a 10 page book in PRISTINE condition. The graphics are absolutely incredible and would be amazing in frames if you wanted to sacrifice the album, which appears to be worth about $40. I got it for $2.

Finally, we have one more Sesame Street (I got 4 total Sesame Street albums). This one was $1 and includes another book inside. Plus it has Kermit singing "Green."

What do you think? Pretty decent finds! I will be putting many of them in the store....once I get it open. Damn it takes longer to make a store than I remembered! If you see something you like though don't hesitate to leave me a comment and we can work something out!

Be sure to linky up your good finds this week and check out Katie Jean to see what she found!


Melissa B. said...

I absolutely love the Bozo Book!
The pictures are great!
Maybe I could just "borrow" the book and photocopy the pictures before you sell it?
Where did you find these treasures?

Lyssa said...

such great finds. THey are in such great quality!
Thanks for linking up to thrifty thursdays!


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