Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Sweet Water Child - Lullabies For Getty

Are you ready for the best day ever? Have you been saving up your dollars and now have $10 that you can spend on a good cause? Then PLEASE PLEASE head on over to Lullabies for Getty and have a listen to the wonderful music that you will be purchasing. It would mean a whole lot to me if you did!

On a side note, I really have to thank some special people here. First, to Morgan from the818.com. You are beautiful, you are funny and quite honestly I love you. Thank you so much for thinking this was all more than just a silly coincidence. Secondly to Angela and Alex Dezen. You made a silly girls dreams come true. It makes me feel much better about the world to know that there are people like you in it. It also makes the world much better having the beautiful music that you are capable of making available to listen to.

Now, let's not waste anymore time! Please go and support the Getty Owl Foundation by buying this amazing album!!!

1 comment:

The818 said...

You are wonderful. I'm so lucky to count you as a friend.


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