Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hack Hack Hack

Hi, remember me? I'm the girl that used to have a blog that she wrote on daily. Then I got sick. I got the kind of cold that lingers. The kind of cold that induces coughing. The kind of coughing that feels as if at any moment lungs are going to shoot out of your mouth on the floor and they will be on fire when this happens. The kind of coughing that cracks ribs and scares the crap out of your child. The kind of coughing that makes you pee your pants. Yes folks, you heard it from me. I thought that only happened when you were pregnant but cough hard enough and oh boy.

Thankfully today I decided to go to the doc. I got much needed meds. Meds that make me a little bit jittery and a little bit edgy but meds none the less. So, hopefully I will be able to get my ass of the couch soon and tell you guys something exciting. Well, at least tell you something more than "I'm hacking my brains out..come back tomorrow."

Oh, Leyton cut another tooth so we're up to 5 now with a 6th close behind. That's the excitement of the week.


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Gary's third pottery blog said...

almost 6 teeth, yaaaay! and gosh, feeeeeeel better !!!!!!


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