Saturday, April 09, 2011

Family Time

This weekend the Weaver family came to town for a visit. The Weavers are the hubby's twin sisters family. You've seen a couple posts about them before when I've spent play dates with Hayden and Andrea. So far we are having a great time hanging with the family and I have taken some amazing pictures, so this is a photo heavy one peeps but I couldn't not share this! I love being part of this family! Leyton LOVED his Uncle John! Three of the bestest buddies. Leyton has the greatest cousins in the world! Dea is always good for a hilarious picture!! She was happy to serve me a margarita! A rare site of the hubby on the blog with his twin sister Katie. Hayden and Leyton having a blast in the porch swing. The hubby took this of his niece Andrea and her mom Katie. Oh man, the way the light is hitting them, the slight softness and Katie's look of love for her beautiful daughter. It brings a tear to my eyes.

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