Thursday, April 14, 2011

11 Down, 1 To Go

How is my little baby 11 months old?!
I always feel like such an idiot talking about how fast it has all gone but oh my gosh it has just gone by so fast! I really spent some time looking at the month to month shots and it is so apparent how much this kiddo looks like me. I still see his Daddy in him but what a change from when he first joined us. It's even funny to see the difference in his body size, long and skinny some months and total porky pig the next.

What can I say about you at 11 months. Right now you LOVE YOUR DADDY. You get full body shakes when he gets home from work and when I stand next to him you immediately reach out to go into his arms. You're a crazy eater right now. Some days you don't want to eat a thing and the next day you will eat everything I put in front of you. You have grown tired of "mushy" pureed food so you are getting a lot of finger foods these days and boy are you messy when you are done. You've been sleeping really well as of late, going to be at 7pm and waking up at 5:30am. I know typing that was a mistake because tomorrow you will get up at 4am just to spite me. You really are a happy kiddo, but boy do you have a temper. If you don't get your way right now you make a whole lot of racket letting me know how mad you are about it.

I can't believe you are going to be a year in just a months time. Can you slow down just a little bit please?


Carol Browne said...

Wow. He's growing like a little weed. Nicely done, Baby Leyton. I like your fine, shiny hair. ADORABLE!

momma j lee ♥ said...

awww... 11 months already! i know how u feel! your Leyton is exactly 3 months and a day older than my Nathan :)

Happy 11th month Leyton - can't wait to see his big first year celebration!

Trish P. said...

OMG, he is getting so big and you're right, he totally looks like you. Keep the blogging up!:) xo

HammBone said...

Love this, so wish I would have done somthing similar! said...

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Kiley said...

I love all your pics in the same chair every month. Oh, I wish I could go back and do that with each of my 4 kids...sweet!

Anonymous said...

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