Saturday, April 30, 2011

2nd Annual GETty Crafty!!!

The 2nd Annual GETty Crafty event is in the works!! I'm so excited to be a part of this amazing event and am happy to say I think this year will be even bigger and better! We have almost 70 vendors lined up, live music, food, massages and more! We will also be giving out 100 swag bags to the first customers and I can't lie when I will want to get your mitts on one of these.

If you are a vendor and are interested in signing up, please let me know!

Friday, April 29, 2011


We've had this walker for a while. I've actually been tempted to write Fisher Price to tell them how dangerous and poorly made this it. Then this happened.

Gotta love the little dancing butt shake at the end.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thrifty Adventures!

This week was not too thrifty for me being so sick. I thought first about not participating today but then I thought WAIT! Why does all thrifty goodness have to come from a thrift? To me thrifting is about finding that great item, either recent or vintage, and getting it for a fraction of the price. You might find thrifting at thrift stores, flea markets, rummage sales, garage sales, etc.

Sometimes though you are handed down something. Something that may have ended up in that person's yard sale or taken and dumped at the thrift on their next visit. I think these are still thrifty adventures, they just get put right in your lap!

So today, I thought I'd show you something that the hubby and I recently got and also something I've had for quite a long time now that was handed down to me.

We get quite a few thrifty great items from my husband's parents, mostly books for Leyton. On a recent trip my father in law asked the hubby if he wanted a flag. It was my father in law's brothers that he brought over on a boat. We really got no other information than that, but the hubby jumped on the offer. When we got it home I unfolded it. I'm not Americana buff, but it had a great look to it. Good shape, but has a bit of wear, the white is discolored and just has that overall "old" look to it. The thing is massive so I put it out flat. Then I noticed something...the stars were all in a rows. I got to counting and realized, there are only 48 stars on this flag. How fantastic is that? I'm not absolutely in love with this flag and want to somehow have it framed and put on a wall. It will seriously take up the ENTIRE wall.

Another item I have in my house is an old chalk board from a school house. For those that are local peeps, this chalkboard was the original menu board for Java City when they first opened their doors at 18th and Capitol. I worked for the company for years and was lucky enough to be given this item by the original owner with the premise that I "didn't sell it!" The thing was in shambles and had been in a warehouse for years. So, the hubby and I cleaned it up and it's been in our house ever since. You will occasionally catch me posting drawings for the holidays on there and every kiddo that comes to the house LOVES it. I can't wait till Leyton is old enough to draw on it.

So, those are my thrifty items for you this week! Do you have any hand me down treasures, link up and share. Be sure to also check out what Katie Jean found this week!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The first pet.

Here's something I completely forgot to tell you....Leyton has his first pet! His dad really wanted to get him a fish for Christmas, but it took us a while to get it hooked up. Then it took us a while to get some fish. Then it took a short while for those fish to die. Then it took us a while to get another fish.Thankfully it's been at least a month and Leyton's buddy Buford is doing fantastic! All you have to do is ask Leyton "How's Buford doing?" and he will charge into his room to look at his fish. They are lifelong buds. I hope we don't have to flush him!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hack Hack Hack

Hi, remember me? I'm the girl that used to have a blog that she wrote on daily. Then I got sick. I got the kind of cold that lingers. The kind of cold that induces coughing. The kind of coughing that feels as if at any moment lungs are going to shoot out of your mouth on the floor and they will be on fire when this happens. The kind of coughing that cracks ribs and scares the crap out of your child. The kind of coughing that makes you pee your pants. Yes folks, you heard it from me. I thought that only happened when you were pregnant but cough hard enough and oh boy.

Thankfully today I decided to go to the doc. I got much needed meds. Meds that make me a little bit jittery and a little bit edgy but meds none the less. So, hopefully I will be able to get my ass of the couch soon and tell you guys something exciting. Well, at least tell you something more than "I'm hacking my brains out..come back tomorrow."

Oh, Leyton cut another tooth so we're up to 5 now with a 6th close behind. That's the excitement of the week.


Saturday, April 23, 2011


I have an addiction, it is one I have had before. I thought I had kicked it, but it's back. I'm addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper. Almost a year before I got pregnant I gave up soda. Just decided to stop cold turkey and I did just that. Then I got pregnant and did have the occasional orange soda or root beer because they tasted better than they ever had. Thing was it was one can every couple weeks. See, I don't have a problem with the can soda.

Then when I started back to work, and was very tired, and the local gas station had the 89 cent 44oz' came back. My old friend the fountain soda. To me, it's my coffee. It's cold, it's bubbly and it wakes me up. I rationalize it by saying it's diet. I still drink a ton of water, but recently I have started to feel like shit. If I don't have the soda I get a headache, if I do have the soda but have too much I get a different headache.

So, as of yesterday I decided enough is enough. I was really sick yesterday so that definitely helped curb the desire! I know there will be days that are hard, but here's to at least a year of no soda. If anything it will save me about $325 a year!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thrifty Adventures!

Let me start by saying, sorry for being a little absent this past week on the site. First there was the pink eye and then it was shortly followed by a cold with a fever, that I'm now dealing with myself. I sure would like a healthy house for a while, free of colds and breaks!

Back to the good stuff, it's Thrifty Adventures! The bad news, the Etsy store is not up and running yet due to above mentioned items. The good news, I still managed a good thrifty find.

I have an old drawer for news print letters hanging on my wall, this was actually a thrifty find while I was in Texas and I brought it home with me. It is FULL of thrifty finds I have picked up along the way.There are old spoons, bottles, figurines, tackle and much more. What I want to focus on though is my find this week, and what you see on the bottom left row.A set of 7 Babuska dolls! These are actually ornaments. I found them at my local Deseret Industries and I will admit, it was $8 for the set...a bit more than I would have liked to spend. Thing is they are in EXCELLENT condition and were in the cutest vintage box. There were three sets total, all different and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't going to try to go back tomorrow to pick up the rest.

Do you ever find things that are a bit more than you want to spend, but you get them anyway? Linky up and show you find and be sure to check out Katie Jean to see what she found this week.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mandey Hearts Mapleton

Not too long ago I ran across a blog and instantly fell in love. It may have been the mustaches, it may have been the twins and the fact they are adorable, or it may have been because I have a lot in common with Mandey. Either way, it only took one trip to Mama and the Dudes to be hooked.

Recently, Mandey's hometown of Mapleton was struck by a tornado and did serious damage. This photo was taken by the governor after the tornado ripped through the center of town. In an effort to help her hometown she has started a fundraiser. What makes it even more fun is all it takes is a $5 donation and you can enter to win some of the WONDERFUL prizes she has to giveaway.

I highly recommend you go and check it out and help Mandey help Mapleton!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Bionic Woman

When I had a baby I knew there were things I was going to have to deal with.

I knew there would be poop. I knew this poop would cover every spectrum of color, consistency and smell I had ever encountered in my life thus far. I knew sometimes I would clean it off of my own clothing and the entire body of my child. I was armed and ready with wipes so I could wipe up every nugget.

I knew there would be throw up. I may not have realized how much my child would spit up in the beginning, and that I would sometimes change my own clothing three times, but I had seen enough children throw up on their parents. I was armed with burp rags and ready and waiting for it to happen.

I knew there would be tears. I knew that I wouldn't always know what those tears meant. I knew they'd come at times of hunger, times of wetness due to earlier said poop, I knew they'd come at times of pain. I was armed and ready with hugs and kisses to try to soothe every tear.

I knew there would be snot. I may not have known that my child would deal with serious snot issues with every oncoming tooth, but I did know that kids have snotty faces and it doesn't always mean they have a cold. I was armed and ready with a nasal aspirator so I could suck the nose clean while managing to still keep the brain inside the head.


I didn't know that I would at some point have to wrestle an 11 month old wild beast with pink eye. The ultimate mission of that wrestle match being getting eye drops inside of clenched crying eyes. I didn't know that I'd have to figure out a way to hold down a body, and two arms, and a head still, while prying open eyelids with one hand and administering eye drops with the other. I mean I do only have two hands right?

Sometimes I'm convinced that they were all wrong when they created "The Bionic Woman." She didn't need to survive a near death experience to come back with medically enhanced limbs to give her super human strength. She just needed to be a mom.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

11 Down, 1 To Go

How is my little baby 11 months old?!
I always feel like such an idiot talking about how fast it has all gone but oh my gosh it has just gone by so fast! I really spent some time looking at the month to month shots and it is so apparent how much this kiddo looks like me. I still see his Daddy in him but what a change from when he first joined us. It's even funny to see the difference in his body size, long and skinny some months and total porky pig the next.

What can I say about you at 11 months. Right now you LOVE YOUR DADDY. You get full body shakes when he gets home from work and when I stand next to him you immediately reach out to go into his arms. You're a crazy eater right now. Some days you don't want to eat a thing and the next day you will eat everything I put in front of you. You have grown tired of "mushy" pureed food so you are getting a lot of finger foods these days and boy are you messy when you are done. You've been sleeping really well as of late, going to be at 7pm and waking up at 5:30am. I know typing that was a mistake because tomorrow you will get up at 4am just to spite me. You really are a happy kiddo, but boy do you have a temper. If you don't get your way right now you make a whole lot of racket letting me know how mad you are about it.

I can't believe you are going to be a year in just a months time. Can you slow down just a little bit please?

Thrifty Adventures

Welcome back! Sorry I missed you all last week, I hope you had a good chance to find some thrifty finds. This week I am excited about a Children's record collection that I find. I got 15 albums total, but don't want to make you fall asleep with that big of a show and tell so I'll just show you a couple of my favorites.This, in my opinion, is the prized possession of the collection. This was the first album that was released by Sesame Street. It includes a book inside that is in pretty good shape, just has some old tape holding it together in parts. Still not convinced that at $3 this was a complete score? Well, how about the fact that it still had this inside...
That would be the poster that came with the record, still inside and looking great! I really want to frame this and hang it in Leyton's room, but I'm running out of wall space in there. I've looked around online and most people selling this don't have the poster and still get $25 for the album!

Next up, for the circus lovers out there, I got this 45.
Now it might not look like much from the outside, but open it up and WOWZA! There is a 10 page book in PRISTINE condition. The graphics are absolutely incredible and would be amazing in frames if you wanted to sacrifice the album, which appears to be worth about $40. I got it for $2.

Finally, we have one more Sesame Street (I got 4 total Sesame Street albums). This one was $1 and includes another book inside. Plus it has Kermit singing "Green."

What do you think? Pretty decent finds! I will be putting many of them in the store....once I get it open. Damn it takes longer to make a store than I remembered! If you see something you like though don't hesitate to leave me a comment and we can work something out!

Be sure to linky up your good finds this week and check out Katie Jean to see what she found!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Baby toys are addicting. They are so cute and so colorful. Every single thing jumps out at you and says BUY ME. I try to resist as much as I can, but I can also say that I have purchased too much for Leyton already.

What it comes down to is this. Very little toys have given me the smile that a simple laundry basket with a belt strapped to it have given me.

Or for that matter a rack full of spices.Man this kid is adorable!

Monday, April 11, 2011

More babies....

Leyton is going to be turning a year old soon, it is just around the bend. It feels crazy to think that almost a year has passed since I had him. The difficulty of those first few months feel like a blur and a lifetime away already. It's that blur that makes people want to have more children. Everyone is different but honestly if you asked me in the first two months if I'd have more down the road I actually felt like kicking your ass. The comment, "Do this again? Are you fucking crazy?" sat on the edge of my tongue as I smiled and said "Oh, we're not sure yet. We're pretty fine with one."

Now that I've had almost a year to stew it over I will admit I'm still not sure. Truth is, I'm pretty comfortable with one. I've heard the arguments that when Bill and I are older Leyton will be on his own. As an only child though I've realized that's a lame excuse to have more children. The first fact is, kids are expensive. I just don't know if I can afford to have two at this time. The other fact is, the hubby and I are no spring chickens and I'm in no rush to procreate. At 35 and 40 the thought of waiting 3 or so years to try again and being 3 or so years older just seems plain old ridiculous because it just seems plain OLD. I know people do it and I don't look at them and think they are old. For me though, it feels old.

But then there are moments. Moments where he looks at me with those dark eyes that are the perfect color mix of the hubby and I and there is no way we can only have one. How can we not have more when we make such beautiful babies together. There are days when he starts smelling more like a toddler and less like a baby and my lady parts urge to give another human being a home. There are days when I see my niece and nephew interact together and I think, how can I not give Leyton a brother or sister? There are also simple moments when I look at my husband and all I want to do is have 100 of his babies. There are days when I get pictures like this and I start trying to figure out if it would be hard for me to take my own IUD out. Lord help me.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Tonight we joined RP and Terry for a night of comedy in Davis at the Mondavi center. Sarah Silverman was performing and we jumped on the chance to see great comedy outside of uncomfortable places like Laughs Unlimited.

Let me just say that Sarah did NOT disappoint. She was inappropriate and she was hilarious! Her opening act Chelsea Peretti was even funnier and at one point had me almost crying I was laughing so hard.

I definitely think a dose of good comedy is the perfect way to wrap up a weekend!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Family Time

This weekend the Weaver family came to town for a visit. The Weavers are the hubby's twin sisters family. You've seen a couple posts about them before when I've spent play dates with Hayden and Andrea. So far we are having a great time hanging with the family and I have taken some amazing pictures, so this is a photo heavy one peeps but I couldn't not share this! I love being part of this family! Leyton LOVED his Uncle John! Three of the bestest buddies. Leyton has the greatest cousins in the world! Dea is always good for a hilarious picture!! She was happy to serve me a margarita! A rare site of the hubby on the blog with his twin sister Katie. Hayden and Leyton having a blast in the porch swing. The hubby took this of his niece Andrea and her mom Katie. Oh man, the way the light is hitting them, the slight softness and Katie's look of love for her beautiful daughter. It brings a tear to my eyes.

Friday, April 08, 2011

And the winners are........

Well, I must say I am kind of sad that I had 5 albums to giveaway and only got two entries BOO HOO! I am hoping that means you all already bought a copy, but if you didn't and you still want to enter I will give away three more. Just leave a comment on this blog by Tuesday at noon and I will pick three randomly.

For the mean time the winners of the first give away are: LouEffie and Anonymous Dawn! Email me at for your codes!!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

We interrupt your normally scheduled program.....

I know today is Thrifty Adventures. I know I was supposed to open a shop today. What I also know is I bit off more than I could chew this week and I'm just not done talking about the Sweet Water Child - Lullabies for Getty album! Each day I pop on line expecting to see less and less talk of it. In fact, it is just the opposite! More blogs jumping on board, more tweets chirping away.

So, to celebrate all of the excitement around the album I want to have a little giveaway! Today I have 5 copies of the album to giveaway! Lucky for you, there are many ways to enter!

1. Leave a comment on this blog letting me know your favorite song on the album.
2. Post on Facebook about the album, leave a comment here or on my FB wall letting me know you did.
3. Tweet about the giveaway, be sure to use @lulbiesforgetty and #getty owl in your tweet so I can find it!
4. For an extra 5 entries, blog about the giveaway or the album and come back here leaving a comment to let me know you did so with a link to your blog!

That's eight chances to enter!!! Deadline to enter is Friday at 12pm PST. I'll use random number generator to pick 5 winners. Happy entering!!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

How do I say this?

I've been struggling with how to write this post. Maybe it's because I feel slightly zapped, maybe it's because I'm on such an emotional overload that I can't stop crying at the simplest thing. I thought about just writing, "Hey people, check out because I couldn't have said it better myself." As someone who does like to write though, that just seems like plagiarizing. That only seems like it's allowed on Twitter when you re-tweet or Facebook when you share. It's not meant for blogs.

So, here I go.

You people are AMAZING! When I was told that the person that wrote my favorite song of all time was going to turn more of his songs into a tribute album for my friend's daughter and sing it with his wife I I mean that was all I could think at that moment. On the other hand, the other part of me thought...well, let's wait and see. Cause see, I don't like being disappointed. In order to do that, I try to keep my expectations low. It sounded wonderful in theory, and I was hopeful beyond hope, but I needed to see it to believe it. Oh boy do I believe it now!!!

What I also believe is that things happen for a reason. It's not just chance. If something seems like a coincidence pay attention! To me, those coincidences mean something but sometimes it is hard to convey that without sounding like a freak in a sort of "we were meant to be together" kind of way.

Here is what I do know.
1. Kate and I went to school together from 7th to 12th grade and were acquaintances more than friends.
2. We worked together for a year after high school and became good "work friends." We then lost touch.
3. Kate and I got back in touch some 14 years later when we randomly ran into each other. Granted we lived RIGHT BY EACHOTHER for quite some time but never saw each other before then.
4. Kate and I got pregnant about two months apart and became pregnant buddies.
5. Leyton and Getty started dating.
6. Getty was diagnosed with SMA and because I liked planning events I thought I'd go ahead and throw some in order to raise money for her family.
7. I decide to do a blog series out of desperation and lack of creativity called 30 Days of Me and one day I'm asked what my favorite song is, I write "I Will Keep the Bad Things From You." This being a song that I ALSO had just put on an album of lullabies that I made for Getty after her diagnosis.
*one sec peeps while I pull myself together here. Flood gate 2011 has just begun.
8. Maybe one month later Morgan from writes that she had dinner with Alex Dezen, the writer of said favorite song. I have a fit of rage where I want to beat her up for knowing someone so epic and then compose myself and leave her a little comment on her blog, something to the effect of "what a quinky-dink."
9. Morgan too realizes this is more than just a quinky dink because there is an album of lullabies that is in the works and needs a home.
10. On April 6th, Sweet Water Child - Lullabies for Getty releases. It hits #7 on iTunes Children's Charts.It's an amazing story, better than any after school special I have ever seen. Know what makes it even better? You. This album would be nothing if it weren't for the people out there that decided to talk about it and post about it and tweet about it and facebook about it. It was the most wonderful example of how the technology of today is worth every single penny. It was the most wonderful example that there are really good people out there. I'm almost afraid to make this list of people to thank because I just know I am going to forget someone. If I do, please let me know and know that I'm just a tired mommy who is on a roller coaster ride of emotion and did my best to keep up on everything that was happening yesterday.

So, thank you: Maegan, Mandy, Kenny, Jessica Gottlieb, Andrea, Rebecca, Alex, Crissy, Jill, Anissa, Eileen, Emily, BlogHer, Ohdeedoh, Cool Mom Picks, Stephanie, Jessica, Holly, Rici, Emily and Missy. It was your support that took us to #7!

Thank you to Honey Agency for just making everything look so damn good!

Thank you to Angela and Alex Dezen who will forever be know as Auntie Ang and Uncle Alex. You will always write my favorite songs.

To Morgan, for also believing that some things are just meant to happen.

Finally to the Storms. Thank you so much for letting me into your lives. Thank you for letting me help your family. It has made me a much better person and I will never see life the same way again. I love you.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Sweet Water Child - Lullabies For Getty

Are you ready for the best day ever? Have you been saving up your dollars and now have $10 that you can spend on a good cause? Then PLEASE PLEASE head on over to Lullabies for Getty and have a listen to the wonderful music that you will be purchasing. It would mean a whole lot to me if you did!

On a side note, I really have to thank some special people here. First, to Morgan from You are beautiful, you are funny and quite honestly I love you. Thank you so much for thinking this was all more than just a silly coincidence. Secondly to Angela and Alex Dezen. You made a silly girls dreams come true. It makes me feel much better about the world to know that there are people like you in it. It also makes the world much better having the beautiful music that you are capable of making available to listen to.

Now, let's not waste anymore time! Please go and support the Getty Owl Foundation by buying this amazing album!!!

Monday, April 04, 2011

Tomorrow this happens....

If you'd like to help us share the news, please grab the widget from Lullabies for Getty and post on your site. There is also a badge available that you can paste on your site or use as your Facebook profile photo!! You'll see it on the right hand side.

See you tomorrow

Sunday, April 03, 2011


This is my Grandpa Keith.He is my Father's step Father, but always a real Grandpa to me. He always stuck his tongue out in photos, even as a kid...maybe I got it from him. A pretty amazing man that lived a full life. He was an airline pilot, he was good in the kitchen and good with wood. He made me a Grandfather clock which I will talk about later because it is a whole post in itself.

One of the things he left me before he passed were all his cook books. I've now had them for years and have done NOTHING with them. At times I have thought about putting together an album for my family, but I had no idea what recipes I should use.

Finally now, I am tired of them going to waste. Here is my plan. Every Sunday I will post a recipe that I made during the week on the blog. I'll give you the recipe, I'll tell you if I loved it or hated it. By doing so I will gather a compilation of the best ones to put together for my family. So, I'll see you back here next week with the first recipe. Well, hopefully I'll see you tomorrow. I like it when you come around.

Friday, April 01, 2011

This is no joke!

I know today is April 1st. I know today is meant for tom foolery and tricks. I've decided to be a non-conformist today and tell you about something that is SUPER important and SUPER exciting! Next Tuesday, on April 5th, the "Sweet Water Child - Lullabies for Getty" album will release and be available for purchase.Now, I have quite a few new followers as of late so there may be some of you scratching your heads and unsure of what I am talking about. This story is important enough to tell again.

My girlfriend's daughter Getty was diagnosed at 4 months of age with SMA1, Spinal Muscular Atrophy. This means, in short, that her muscles are growing weaker. Typically babies with SMA1 develop feeding and breathing problems as the weakness gets worse over time. The weakness eventually becomes severe.

Right now SMA1 is the #1 genetic killer of babies. There is no cure, there is no stopping it. Most babies diagnosed with SMA1 don't live longer than 2-3 years.

What we do have is hope. Hope for a cure. Hope for making things easier for families that are newly diagnosed to manage the complicated heath care system. Thus, the Getty Owl Foundation was born.

Through a random chain of events with Morgan from I was put in touch with some of my favorite artists Angela and Alex Dezen of The Damnwells. They felt so passionately about helping Getty and raising awareness that they wrote an album of lullabies dedicated to Getty. Not only that, but proceeds of this album are going to the Getty Owl Foundation.

This is where you come in. My assumption is that 75% of you are bloggers yourself. I'm also going to go ahead and assume that the other 25% of you probably have a Twitter or a Facebook account. So, I will make it simple.....WE NEED YOUR HELP! On April 5th my goal is to create a virtual virus of people posting about, writing about and tweeting about this album. If you don't have a blog, Facebook or Twitter....maybe tell your friends and family about it. I know as a blogger myself, a small town - small beans blogger, that sometimes your posts are very selected. So, maybe just a couple tweets that day or a Facebook post? To make things easy there is a widget available for you to post on your blog that day. Seriously, any help you can give us on April 5th to help spread the word is greatly appreciated.

You can find the widget, information about the album, links to the Facebook page, Twitter page and even have the ability to listen to the album on the website Please check it out, have a listen and come to me if you have any questions! You can email me directly at Thank you so much for taking the time to read this hefty post, I hope you take it to heart and join our cause!


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