Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Wish List

Leyton will turn one soon. I know it is still a couple months away but apparently in baby time that is pretty much tomorrow. It is scary to think about how fast the time has gone from pregnancy to baby clunking around in cast.

The family has already started to ask what Leyton wants, which really at this birthday translates to...what does mommy hope that Leyton gets! So, to make it easy I created him an Amazon Wish List, which you can see if you click here. Basically I think the wish list is a great way to share ideas and yet you can also keep it a secret from yourself on what people actually get you. Plus, sometimes ideas lead to ideas by the person shopping and so you end up with surprises anyway!

When I was creating a wish list for Leyton I really tried to keep in mind the things he like. What he likes the most right now is music. Give him anything that makes music or put music on and he's a happy happy boy. I've also noticed from his trips to Kayla and Nina's that sometimes the simpler toys are more fun! Our house seems to be filled with plastic. Plastic toys that rattle, plastic toys that light up, plastic toys that require batteries. For his birthday I want to get back to the roots....wood. Leyton is so much happier with a set of maracas than he is with half of his electronic toys. So hopefully for his bday this year we will replace some of his high tech toys with simpler and quite honestly more creativity breeding stuff!

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