Friday, March 04, 2011

Way back when

Way back when there was a time that I really used to try and swoon the hubby, or knock him off his feet. Sometimes it was for a certain holiday, other times it was just because. I was thinking recently that I've become somewhat lame. The creative juices that used to flow got replaced somewhere along the way with "a card will do." I've decided to change that, get out of the same old same old and go back to a time when it was fun and exciting to impress him so to speak.

While visiting the hubby's parents I ran across a picture that they had printed out from a time when I was being super creative. It was Valentine's Day and while I don't love Valentine's it gave me a chance to do something fun. One thing he HATES about our house is the lack of a fireplace. So I figured that there was no better gift than the gift of a fireplace. I didn't want to buy one though, I wanted to make one. I used some giant shipping boxes, sponged them with faux brick and made a big mantel by spray painting an event bigger shipping box with that marble looking spray paint. I set up a fire inside using a log holder, some wood, some crepe paper, a little fan to blow the crepe paper and a light. I set items up on the mantle and cut out a bear skin rug for in front of the fire place. He was floored. This was seriously in our house for probably over 3 years until it started falling apart. Now I'm on a mission to come up with something fun that I can surprise him with!!!


Roseanne said...

I remember when you made that fireplace! Hope you can find another way to impress Bill.

Melissa B. said...

Girlfriend ~ You constantly amaze me! You are so creative! I eagerly await what you will come up with to impress Bill. :0)

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Wow, how clever are you?! If you know how to make a E-type Jag could you please post a tutorial


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