Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Umm, but can we get poop on it?

While Leyton is unfazed by the cast and actually struts around like he's a damn rock star, Mommy is going bat shit crazy. Life with a baby got more complicated with a cast. Let's start with clothes. Typically they just don't make stuff to fit over gigantic casts. This required a trip to the thrift store to try and find clothing that could be modified.

So, now Leyton has a bunch of pj pants that have one leg cut off of them. I feel like this will make for some interesting conversations when these get donated back to the thrift store!

Next up, baths. One of the bullet points on the helpful list of what not to do with your cast included not getting it wet. This was right up there with not drilling holes in it or shoving anything inside your cast. Thankfully it was easy to take the drill and the coat hanger away from Leyton. Unfortunately the "sponge bath" is not going quite as smoothly. Leyton hates it. Screams during the whole thing from leg getting wrapped in a Target bag to dry off. Thank heavens baths weren't a solid part of the bedtime routine because this kiddo is only getting cleaned when he starts to resemble Pig Pen.

Bedtime. So far this hasn't been too terribly crazy. We created a modified little fort bed in our room by essentially putting his crib mattress on the floor. This allows me to assist him in the night if he gets stuck in an awkward position, but doesn't put him in our bed because heavens this 9 month old 25lb kid takes up most of the bed when he is in there. Throw in a 1+lb cast and it just becomes dangerous.

It's a good thing that the what not to do with your cast list doesn't include getting poop on it. I'm soo not kidding. Changing diapers is the most difficult part. The cast is high and Leyton already acts like a wild banshee during diaper changes. One of his favorite activities to throw on top of trying to crawl away is to squeeze his thighs together as tight as he can. Throw poop in the mix and well you get the picture. I might have to mention to the techs at Kaiser that poop should probably be added to their list.

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