Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thrifty Adventures!

This week I got something we haven't talked about yet in Thrifty Adventures.....vintage kids clothes. There is a HUGE trend going around at the moment to both wearing vintage clothing and putting vintage clothing on your kiddos. The kids stuff is hard to find though, much harder than adults. I mean, kids are hard on their clothes. Add into that a child that is on the bigger side and it's hard to find things that fit. Plus, to be honest, there is a lot of ugly vintage kids clothing out there so many times when I do find it I wouldn't put it anywhere near Leyton's body. Then I found this.....A courderoy Sesame Street hoodie!! This thing is in such good shape and was only $1.40! The colors are still really bright, the edges aren't frayed and the print is adorable. Of course my teething child would not allow a decent picture. This trip to the thrift actually had me walking away with 5 Sesame Street items, it was a total theme day.

It also brought up a discussion between the lovely Katie Jean and I. We have decided to open an Etsy store! With all our outings we are both always finding things that are excellent but that we don't necessarily want to keep. So, the store will be called Thrifty Adventures and will open for business next Thursday. My focus will be mostly on kids items: clothing, books, toys, albums, etc.

What did you find this week on your outings? Do you ever have theme days? Be sure to link up and check out what Katie Jean found this week!

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Kaytea said...

Love the etsy store idea! Can't wait to peruse your shop.


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