Thursday, March 03, 2011

Thrifty Adventures!

This weeks Thrifty Adventures brought me so close to hitting the jack pot I just about wet myself. There are things that I look for each time I go to a thrift. Sometimes it's to add to a collection I already have and other times it is because I have seen something somewhere and want it for myself. Kayla has an amazing set of Charlie Brown Dictionaries that I must have to add to my book collection for Leyton. One, because I love vintage kid's books and two because I freaking love Charlie Brown and all things Schultz.

I was browsing the books at Goodwill and my eye was immediately grabbed when I saw the word "Charlie Brown" on a book that was about the same size as the dictionary. Only this wasn't a dictionary, it was an encyclopedia. I thought it was fantastic and sat it aside to purchase. I had no idea how many others were in the set, but just having this one made me feel lucky. Then I saw another, and another, and another and...well you get the picture! Pretty soon I had a HUGE stack of them. Some were duplicates so my first step was just to gather all I could find. Then I sorted through them taking the ones that were in the best condition. Turns out there are 15 books in all, and instead of just having one book...I know have 14!! The only one I am missing is volume 13. So close to perfection, but still fantastic!

Have you come super close to a perfect score? Did you score something fun this week too? Make sure to link up and share your finds and be sure to check out Katie Jean today so you can see her amazing purple velvet couch that I have officially named Grimace.


katie jean said...

Grimace? really?

iiSwanSongii said...

OMG I had this whole set when I was little! Forgot all about i'm wondering what my mom did with them? Hehe!

JaymiPop said...


Mongs said...

Cute! Even though one short, it's still a great haul. Thanks for hosting!


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