Monday, March 14, 2011

I'll be fit in a bit!

When I decided to get the Fitbit I thought it might just be the thing to motivate me to get my butt in gear with this whole weight loss journey. While I did join Weight Watchers, I can't say that I have done much with it. I know the program works, but man I have counted points for so long so many times it makes me a little sick to my stomach. Obviously from my gains in the past couple weeks it was very apparent though that I needed to keep track of what I was eating. The Fitbit seemed like a fun way to not only keep a diary of my food, but to also find out how much I am moving in a given day and as a bonus keep a log of my sleep.

My Fitbit arrived on the 11th and I have been using it from the moment it got charged. It's seriously the most adorable thing I have ever seen and so easy to use. Add to that, I started doing the Couch to 5K and did Bikram Yoga two times this week and my stats are looking good so far! I actually feel a drive in my system to get activity. Today I will be at my desk most of the day and it makes me kind of sad. So, I've decided that whenever I can I will take walks at my lunch to get a little extra push in.

When I weighed in this morning I was happy with the progress! It was so nice to see a weight loss and I really feel like the motivation of having the Fitbit really helped out. Plus it holds me accountable because now...not only can you see what I weigh every Monday but you can also see how much activity I am getting AND you can see what I am eating! I mean, it's all out there at this point. If you are already a friend on Twitter or Facebook you will see that Fitbit is uploading my daily data there. If you are not my friend already you can find me here on Twitter and here on Facebook. You can also see my stats on Fitbit here!


Debbie said...

The fitbit sounds interesting. Best of Luck to you.

Wendy said...

I saw your post on fitbit and have been following you. I've lost 105 lbs. & have about 15 more go. I have had my fitbit since Jan. & wish I had purchased it sooner. It really does keep you on track. Just take it day by day, some days it's hour by hour, but you CAN DO IT!!!.


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