Monday, March 21, 2011

A frustrating week!

It has been a frustrating week, I'm not going to lie. I was so amped about the Fitbit. It was so motivating to see how much I was doing that what I did was overdid. The knee is still a mess. What did I learn from it all? Well, for starters I did not miss my knee hurting at all. The other thing I learned was that when things get tough, when I'm sad, when I'm hurt....I eat. I found myself on more than one occasion not making the smartest choices. This is something I have to learn to stop doing. What do you all do when you are feeling blue?I did still manage to lose .4lbs. This weeks goal is to be better about putting my food into my Fitbit journal. I have actually be writing stuff down, but I haven't been putting it online. I know that I need to take it easy for a while on the knee so for the next two weeks the only activity will be day to day walking around. I might try to sneak a yoga class in, but am going to pay very close attention to my limits.

For now, more than weight coming off....I just wish my knee didn't hurt so much.


Debbie said...

I have two extremes when I'm blue- I either don't want to eat anything or I eat everything! and have a serious sweet tooth problem. Yoga helps a little, and walking around the neighborhood. Sorry it was a tough week for you- March has absolutely sucked for me.

teresa said...

I'm sorry about your knee. It took me a bit of convincing before I was willing to log all my food. I was embarrassed at first how quickly I can churn through my calories sometimes.

I hope you start to feel better, soon.


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