Friday, March 18, 2011


For those that have read Pillsplace for a long time, you know that I have a not so great knee. If you are new to these parts, you'll have to go back to November of 2007 to read about the epic journey. For the last couple years the knee has been great. It doesn't bend quite like everyone elses but damn it is close.

So, when I decided to start increasing my activity this week and tracking my food using the Fitbit I really didn't give the knee much thought. I mean I knew running was questionable, but after that first week I was feeling golden. I was feeling so thankful to the knee that I even did a couple shout outs to it. Apparently my knee decided to wait until week 2, run 1 to give me the big F-you.

Now, it's not happy. It's been REALLY sore since Tuesday and nothing seems to help. I'm icing, I'm wrapping, I'm elevating, I'm rubbing. Most days it feels like it is on fire, while at the same time has an ice pick lodged under the knee cap. That's the nicest way for me to keep it slightly pleasant. In the back of my mind I know that if it doesn't feel better I'm going to have to go have it looked at. At the same time, I don't ever want to go under the knife for it again. It makes me throw up in my mouth to even think out.

Needless to say I am feeling really defeated. I was trying so hard, but maybe I was trying harder than my body would allow. I'm going to keep taking care of my knee for the next couple weeks which means taking it easy. I'm going to try to get some walks in, but I'm also going to listen closely to my knee and do what it wants me to do. I'm thankful to it for being so good to me through my pregnancy, I'm thankful to it for putting up with the extra weight I have. That said, right now I just want to tell it to fuck off and leave me alone.

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momma j lee ♥ said...

Oh I know how that feels ... I busted my knee as well and every so often it just feels like giving me the big ole finger as well. I hope it feels better soon in the meantime take it easy mama!


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