Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thrifty Adventures!

This week I got something we haven't talked about yet in Thrifty Adventures.....vintage kids clothes. There is a HUGE trend going around at the moment to both wearing vintage clothing and putting vintage clothing on your kiddos. The kids stuff is hard to find though, much harder than adults. I mean, kids are hard on their clothes. Add into that a child that is on the bigger side and it's hard to find things that fit. Plus, to be honest, there is a lot of ugly vintage kids clothing out there so many times when I do find it I wouldn't put it anywhere near Leyton's body. Then I found this.....A courderoy Sesame Street hoodie!! This thing is in such good shape and was only $1.40! The colors are still really bright, the edges aren't frayed and the print is adorable. Of course my teething child would not allow a decent picture. This trip to the thrift actually had me walking away with 5 Sesame Street items, it was a total theme day.

It also brought up a discussion between the lovely Katie Jean and I. We have decided to open an Etsy store! With all our outings we are both always finding things that are excellent but that we don't necessarily want to keep. So, the store will be called Thrifty Adventures and will open for business next Thursday. My focus will be mostly on kids items: clothing, books, toys, albums, etc.

What did you find this week on your outings? Do you ever have theme days? Be sure to link up and check out what Katie Jean found this week!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You must be this tall......

Can I vent for a moment? Thanks so much! You see, recently "they" decided that it is best to keep a child facing back in a car seat until that child reaches the age of two. That said, this post is either going to make me look like an unfit and uncaring mother or it's going to hit home with other people that agree. So, let's just get to the point. I will not be waiting till two. You see, I'm sick and tired of "them" and all the things "they" tell me to do. You know why? Well, because I think that more than anything all "they" do is scare moms....especially new ones. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not Brittany and you won't see me riding shotgun with Leyton on my lap or anything BUT I feel like I have to draw the line somewhere.

Here is where I have the biggest problem with it. What the hell does it have to do with age? What I think "they" are doing is generalizing the size of children and figuring out that at 2 most kids are a certain height and weight and therefore it is safer for children to stay sitting backwards until they reach that safe size. Then there is Leyton, have you seen my son? He is the product of a man that is 6'1" and a woman that is 5'10". The dude weighs 27lbs (as of a week ago) and is over 30 inches long. I have actually seen two year olds that are smaller than Leyton. He's in the 90th percentile for everything so it's safe to say he is big. Bigger than most. I, as his mother, feel that when he turns one I will be completely fine turning him around. Honestly, I would be fine turning him now. What is going to happen on day 366 that wasn't there at 365? The answer is ABSOLUTELY nothing. He is above the requirements of any forward facing car seat when you look at their length and weight limit. So, the question I keep coming back to is WHY is this based on age?! I am firm in my belief that it should be based on size requirements. If I go to an amusement park I have to be a certain size to ride the ride...not a certain age.

I know it is "their" ultimate goal to make things safer for our kids. On the other hand, when is it too much? Where is the point where we all are just sitting at home with our child in a plastic bubble because we are afraid of exposing them to anything. I just think a lot of these rules give parents too much to worry about and be fearful of. Let me tell you, I fell on the concrete while holding my child and could have just as easily caused him brain damage or much much worse. At what point will it be recommended that I don't carry my child because the likelihood of him getting hurt goes up by 75%?

To be honest, I'm just a first time mommy that loves my child more than anything else in the world. I will do everything to keep him as safe as possible. I also know that I need to make some decisions based on what I feel is best for him. If I had listened in the beginning to all the people that said "Breast is best!" he would have died of starvation. At a certain point I just have to listen to myself and know that I as his mommy make the best decisions.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Damn Wii Fit

My WiiFit is not cooperating today. I think maybe the kiddo banged on the board to much. I'm going to keep trying and if it isn't fixed by this weekend I will get a new one. So, this will be my one week of no weigh ins.

I'm still babying my knee at this point and will do so for the rest of this week. It's slowly starting to feel better so I hope to incorporate walks and yoga back into my life. Running is most definitely out of the question until I am not carrying all of these extra pounds.

Sorry for such a boring post, I'll see you again on Monday!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy First Birthday Getty!

There's a party happening at Getty Owl's blog today celebrating her 1st Birthday! I suggest you leave this stinky joint and head there now. It's chock full of amazing giveaways!! Seriously, what are you still doing here???

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thrity Adventures!

This week we are here to talk about The Loot! Sometimes when thrifting you have outings where you feel like you have hit the mother lode. This week I took a trip to the Goodwill Outlet. This can be a scary place. It's dirty, it's intense and you have to be prepared to dig. A new one opened in a better neighborhood so I packed up my yellow gloves and started digging.

Here is my loot!At the Goodwill Outlet you pay by the pound. I got all of this stuff for $18. Let's have a closer look shall we?We have a hilarious clown pillow, not sure what I'm doing with this yet but it's starting to grow on me. We have an old wooden recipe box that hangs on the wall. This is most definitely going to show up in a future Thrifty Adventures as I have big plans for this and part of those plans includes giving it to one of you. We have a Melissa and Doug tool box set...only missing TWO PIECES! We have a wooden Christmas candelabra. We have a wood shape and sort cube with ALL OF THE SHAPES! We have a tambourine, two wooden cars, a ceramic squirrel and nut jar and more various kids tools for Leyton.Next we have a wooden puzzle with ALL OF THE PIECES! This had quite a few stickers and crayon markings but after a washing it is perfectly clean. We have a bag of vintage Christmas present tags, a wooden dinosaur, a fish book for the hubby , two silk scarves, a square of vintage fabric and a peg set for Leyton to hammer later.

I was very excited about all of the wooden toys that I found for Leyton. Not only did most have all the pieces, but wooden toys are not cheap new. I would have paid as much for that one Melissa and Doug set as I paid for everything. Also, if you have ever been to a Goodwill Outlet you will know that finding all the pieces to something is just isn't meant to happen. Nothing is organized and you are literally just digging through bins.

Here's a couple things up close that I especially liked.This bag of vintage Christmas present tags was an awesome find. There was an old chest that was in three pieces and these were all loose in the bottom of one piece. There are probably over 100 tags with various designs. I'm feeling a vintage theme coming on next year for wrapping!I also loved this candelabra. One of the men was broken off, and his head was broken off his body and his book was broken. Lucky for me...all the broken parts were still inside the broken box it sat in! Another lucky score and now that it's glued together you can't even tell!Finally we have this great piece of vintage Sesame Street fabric. It's not normal fabric though, it's heavy duty and I'm assuming meant to keep pee away from whatever it goes on. I'm not even sure what fabric like this would be called! All I know is I love it and I will find a use for it.

Overall I'm going to have to say that this is the best score that I've ever gotten at a thrift outing for the price that I paid. I got 25 items for $18. Not too shabby in my opinion!

What did you find this week? Be sure to link up and check out Katie Jean to see what she scored!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spice things up!

As many of you know, I am a big fan of pottery. To be even more specific, I am a big fan of Gary Rith pottery! So, last week when he posted a new mug that he made I seriously bought it at lightening speed. I didn't even give it a pondering though, that mug needed to be mine. I was so happy when the box arrived and I actually got to use the mug that I may have wet my pants a little. See, great mug. Perfect colors of blue and green with little wavy prints up the side. But wait! What is that there? What is peeking at me through the top of my tea?Why it's an octopus of course! I mean, doesn't everyone need to spice their morning tea or coffee up with a little friend in the bottom of their mug. Please, if you are going to support your Gary. Tell him Stacey and Leyton sent you!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh Target

Your dollars bins are so fantastic and sometimes, even though I get frustrated that there are items that cost $2.50, I fall head over heels in love.Thank you Kate for getting these for us, they look great in Leyton's room!

Monday, March 21, 2011

A frustrating week!

It has been a frustrating week, I'm not going to lie. I was so amped about the Fitbit. It was so motivating to see how much I was doing that what I did was overdid. The knee is still a mess. What did I learn from it all? Well, for starters I did not miss my knee hurting at all. The other thing I learned was that when things get tough, when I'm sad, when I'm hurt....I eat. I found myself on more than one occasion not making the smartest choices. This is something I have to learn to stop doing. What do you all do when you are feeling blue?I did still manage to lose .4lbs. This weeks goal is to be better about putting my food into my Fitbit journal. I have actually be writing stuff down, but I haven't been putting it online. I know that I need to take it easy for a while on the knee so for the next two weeks the only activity will be day to day walking around. I might try to sneak a yoga class in, but am going to pay very close attention to my limits.

For now, more than weight coming off....I just wish my knee didn't hurt so much.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rocking and Crawling

Leyton loves listening to music. Today I gave him a bowl of Cheerios and put on the Pandora 80's channel. He can be found at any moment cramming cereal into his mouth, mostly off the floor because it never stays in the bowl, and bobbing up and down to the music. Today he seemed particularly found of Journey.

The other funny part is you can see Leyton's post cast crawl. He keeps that left leg kicked out like the cast is still there. I'm not sure if it's habit or if it's just uncomfortable for him to put his knee on the ground.

Friday, March 18, 2011


For those that have read Pillsplace for a long time, you know that I have a not so great knee. If you are new to these parts, you'll have to go back to November of 2007 to read about the epic journey. For the last couple years the knee has been great. It doesn't bend quite like everyone elses but damn it is close.

So, when I decided to start increasing my activity this week and tracking my food using the Fitbit I really didn't give the knee much thought. I mean I knew running was questionable, but after that first week I was feeling golden. I was feeling so thankful to the knee that I even did a couple shout outs to it. Apparently my knee decided to wait until week 2, run 1 to give me the big F-you.

Now, it's not happy. It's been REALLY sore since Tuesday and nothing seems to help. I'm icing, I'm wrapping, I'm elevating, I'm rubbing. Most days it feels like it is on fire, while at the same time has an ice pick lodged under the knee cap. That's the nicest way for me to keep it slightly pleasant. In the back of my mind I know that if it doesn't feel better I'm going to have to go have it looked at. At the same time, I don't ever want to go under the knife for it again. It makes me throw up in my mouth to even think out.

Needless to say I am feeling really defeated. I was trying so hard, but maybe I was trying harder than my body would allow. I'm going to keep taking care of my knee for the next couple weeks which means taking it easy. I'm going to try to get some walks in, but I'm also going to listen closely to my knee and do what it wants me to do. I'm thankful to it for being so good to me through my pregnancy, I'm thankful to it for putting up with the extra weight I have. That said, right now I just want to tell it to fuck off and leave me alone.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day

In 2008 I got the most blog hits I had ever gotten, and still have ever gotten to this day. It was all over a silly picture. A picture that popped up when I typed "St. Patrick's Day" into Google. I find it hilarious what Google pops up and this was no exception. So, why break tradition??Who needs green beer when you have lopsided boobs?

Thrifty Adventures!

I know you are probably tired of me and my books, but man...I have an addiction and the only remedy is MORE VINTAGE KIDS BOOKS! I just love the way they look and the illustrations inside. I got a bunch of them at the Goodwill Outlet for 50 cents each and here is just a small sampling:
My three favorites are "The Story of Babar," "And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street", and "Pierre". The illustrations are so great and for 50 cents they were all in pretty good condition. My favorite illustrations though are in the "One Monster After Another" book. This book is a mess, but the drawings are great and I think they would be fun in Leyton's room. I haven't quite decided what to do with it yet, but here is a sampling of one image.So, that's what I have for you this week....more vintage kids books added to my collection. Maybe next week I'll find a book shelf!! What did you find this week on your Thrifty Adventures? Do you have anything you absolutely have to buy each time you make a thrifty trip? Be sure to check out Katie Jean to see where her adventures took her this week, and stay tuned because in a couple weeks we will be going on a thrifty day outing together...which could mean a whole lot of trouble!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Go Green

I try to make as many efforts as I can to go green. It doesn't always work but I feel as long as I make some simple changes then I am doing OK. One is to use shopping bags instead of paper or plastic. I do good and bad with's all about having them in the car.

Recently, after seeing some cute cloth napkins, I recruited Kayla to make me my own set. I went to Joanne's and found some fabric and Kayla put her serger to work, making me the most adorable napkins. The hubby and I used them last night and LOVED them. It's so much nicer than paper really.

Now you might be wondering who Kayla is. I have mentioned her a time or two on this site and I'm not sure I ever properly introduced her. Kayla is my Mary Poppins. No she doesn't clean my house or anything like that. She is the magical wonderful woman that takes care of my little dude. I like to think of her as Mary Poppins because she is just so perfect it feels too good to be true and I keep expecting her to fly away on her little umbrella.

Finding someone to take care of your baby is hard. I never in a million years thought I would have a desire to be a stay at home mom. I have been working since I was 14, 10 if you start counting babysitting) and to be honest, I thought only those with money got to be stay at home moms. Then I had the dude. The drive to be with him all the time was incredible and the thought of going back to work terrible. I had to do it though. The first place Leyton went did not work out and I'll just leave it at that. What I can say is that if you feel the place you have your child is not a good fit....GO WITH YOUR GUT! As a first time mom I spent far too long wondering if I was just being overprotective. I wasn't and he was there too long. Thankfully, I then found Kayla. She was a stay at home crafty mommy with an adorable daughter named Nina. It seemed like a good fit, but I started out gradually just to be sure. Now I know that I couldn't ask for more. Leyton loves it there and Kayla treats him like one of her own. Kayla is also uber crafty, sewing, crocheting and knitting amazing stuff. You can find details in her shop on Etsy Chuka.

So, I know I totally went on a tangent there, but I am happy to be going green and thankful for the wonderfullness that is Kayla. Now, go forth and support her by shopping from her Etsy shop...get yourself some cloth napkins!

Thank you Kayla for my napkins and thank you for being so great!

Monday, March 14, 2011

I'll be fit in a bit!

When I decided to get the Fitbit I thought it might just be the thing to motivate me to get my butt in gear with this whole weight loss journey. While I did join Weight Watchers, I can't say that I have done much with it. I know the program works, but man I have counted points for so long so many times it makes me a little sick to my stomach. Obviously from my gains in the past couple weeks it was very apparent though that I needed to keep track of what I was eating. The Fitbit seemed like a fun way to not only keep a diary of my food, but to also find out how much I am moving in a given day and as a bonus keep a log of my sleep.

My Fitbit arrived on the 11th and I have been using it from the moment it got charged. It's seriously the most adorable thing I have ever seen and so easy to use. Add to that, I started doing the Couch to 5K and did Bikram Yoga two times this week and my stats are looking good so far! I actually feel a drive in my system to get activity. Today I will be at my desk most of the day and it makes me kind of sad. So, I've decided that whenever I can I will take walks at my lunch to get a little extra push in.

When I weighed in this morning I was happy with the progress! It was so nice to see a weight loss and I really feel like the motivation of having the Fitbit really helped out. Plus it holds me accountable because now...not only can you see what I weigh every Monday but you can also see how much activity I am getting AND you can see what I am eating! I mean, it's all out there at this point. If you are already a friend on Twitter or Facebook you will see that Fitbit is uploading my daily data there. If you are not my friend already you can find me here on Twitter and here on Facebook. You can also see my stats on Fitbit here!

10 Months Old

Leyton turns 10 months old today. Gotta love that I get an opportunity to capture him in the cast in these photos so there is no escaping it! I must say that the last month has been a challenge. Between the cast, the colds, the teething and the has been fussy baby month. He just isn't his normal chipper self most of the time. My friend Dawnielle said it would be nice if we could just go to sleep and wake up the next day and our babies would have full sets of teeth. I have to say that I agree because teething is a bear. Still, I love the little dude and can't believe we only have two more months until he is a year old!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I want a puppy!

Today I got my fill of puppy! Bill's sister's dog had a litter of 4 this past week and today I got to see them. There are three black and one yellow pup and boy are they adorable. They don't even have their eyes open yet and just make silly piggy sounds. I can't wait to go back in a couple weeks when they are older and romping around. It's a good thing Leyton is still such a handful or Whisky would have had to welcome another sibling into the house!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Snot Nose

Last weekend Leyton got a fever of 102 and was sick all weekend. Through the week we dealt with runny noses and moderately fussy moments. By the end of the week it seemed like we had rounded the bend and were heading down the road of health. Then came today. Leyton and I both woke up with chest congestion and he was SUPER fussy. I tried so many things to get him to be happy and everything only gave him about one minute of pleasure and then he was back to melting down. Finally I threw in the towel. We walked to the park and Leyton got to swing. It is what makes him most happy. All the cares of the world disappear as he swings back and forth singing his swing song.
I could have sat there all day.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thrifty Adventures!

Since I have started doing Thrifty Adventures with Katie Jean I have had a blast! I've found so much cool stuff thrifting and also have been so excited to see what all of you have found. Last week we had THREE LINKIES in our party! I know to some that might not seem like much but to was awesome. What's also interesting is just seeing the differences in what people look for. Katie Jean always finds classically beautiful things, like Grimace last week or her gorgeous lamp this week. I on the other hand feel like the quirky finder, the finder of the ridiculous. Most of the time if it makes me laugh and is cheap, I have to have it. If it fits with something I am already collecting...even better! This week my thrifting took me back to Goodwill on Arden Way where I found this wonderful piece of vinyl.I mean seriously, that cover art? It's to die for, quite literally for the horse. It's both hilarious and morbid. What makes it even more morbid and twisted is it's a children's album for gosh sakes. I haven't even had a chance to listen to it yet, but I have a feeling this one is going to go in a record frame and be hung on the wall in Leyton's bedroom.

What sort of things do you have to buy? Do you tend to steer more to the classic, the vintage or just the plane old silly? Where did your Thrifty Adventures take you this week...linky up!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Let's Get Physical

As of today I ran for the first time on Monday and I did some Bikram Yoga tonight. I seriously thought the running would be the hardest, but I have to admit it was not too bad. I didn't hurt on Tuesday and I managed to do OK for my first time running. Yoga on the other hand, holy heck. This my friends is what post Bikram Yoga looks like....Hot, sweaty, red and gross. I have always been a swimmer. That said, I've always felt that there is nothing more attractive than someone dripping wet. Now that I have taken a sweaty yoga class I have now made a tweak to my thinking. There is nothing more attractive than someone dripping wet, but not dripping in sweat!

Monday, March 07, 2011


1.5lbs gained, how sucky! Telling you all how much I weighed was embarrassing enough in the first place. Telling you that I've gained the last TWO WEEKS is monumentally humiliating. You know what though, I only have myself to blame for that. I spent another week just having whatever I wanted and not paying attention. I did work out, but that's not going to answer all the problems, eating right has to enter the equation. I can't look at a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies and think that it must be just one serving right?!

So, here are some things that I'm not doing that I need to start doing. I'm not tracking my food at all. I might watch what I eat, but if I only watch it going into my mouth then it's not going to work. I need to write it down. Even if I eat an entire Buffalo...I need to write it down! I also need to start taking a lunch to work. Not only will this save me money but it will save my waist line for sure.

Here are some other things that I will be doing this week. My girlfriend Wendy asked if I would do the Couch to 5K with her. I seriously have never thought of running. My motto was "Don't run unless being chased by something." With a bum knee it just didn't seem like an option. You know what, instead of using all of those excuses I told Wendy, let's do it. I at least had to try it before I threw in the towel so soon. We will run three days a week. I've also decided to join Kayla at Bikram yoga one day a week. I will probably sweat myself into a puddle and turn as red as a cherry tomato, but it will be good for me. I also got myself a Fitbit. I heard about the Fitbit and thought it would be interesting to use. Being a new mom, I'm curious to see how much I am sleeping at night as well as how much activity I'm getting chasing the little one around. I'm going to take it a step further though and get the premium membership so I can track all my info, including my food and have access to some training info. My Fitbit should arrive any day now and I can't wait to put it to the test!

Those are my goals for this week. There are a ton of them, but let's be honest....I'm not getting anywhere doing what I'm doing right now. So, it's time to step it up a notch or two. See you again next week!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

You give me fever.

Leyton has officially had his first fever. He woke up from a really long nap yesterday with a fever of 102. This made for a horrible evening last night. It started off well and he seemed to be happy to go to bed. Then he woke up at 11pm burning up and was up until 3am. From 3am to 7am it was just on and off sleeping and fussing. Thankfully this evening the fever is gone (knock on wood). He still won't eat and does get warm quickly so he's spent much of the day in short sleeves or no sleeves at all. The biggest problem today was napping. He took one and it was short. Needless to say this evening he hasn't been the happiest baby to be around. He's sleeping now and he's praying that he makes it through the night with a good nights sleep.

Saturday, March 05, 2011


This weekend I did a little swapping with Kayla and scored a wonderful bed for Leyton's room. Since he naps on the bed still I wanted to make sure it was lower to the ground. Thanks to this low bed, the rug and a video monitor I'm feeling better about letting him nap there. Now, if I could just get him to nap!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Way back when

Way back when there was a time that I really used to try and swoon the hubby, or knock him off his feet. Sometimes it was for a certain holiday, other times it was just because. I was thinking recently that I've become somewhat lame. The creative juices that used to flow got replaced somewhere along the way with "a card will do." I've decided to change that, get out of the same old same old and go back to a time when it was fun and exciting to impress him so to speak.

While visiting the hubby's parents I ran across a picture that they had printed out from a time when I was being super creative. It was Valentine's Day and while I don't love Valentine's it gave me a chance to do something fun. One thing he HATES about our house is the lack of a fireplace. So I figured that there was no better gift than the gift of a fireplace. I didn't want to buy one though, I wanted to make one. I used some giant shipping boxes, sponged them with faux brick and made a big mantel by spray painting an event bigger shipping box with that marble looking spray paint. I set up a fire inside using a log holder, some wood, some crepe paper, a little fan to blow the crepe paper and a light. I set items up on the mantle and cut out a bear skin rug for in front of the fire place. He was floored. This was seriously in our house for probably over 3 years until it started falling apart. Now I'm on a mission to come up with something fun that I can surprise him with!!!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Thrifty Adventures!

This weeks Thrifty Adventures brought me so close to hitting the jack pot I just about wet myself. There are things that I look for each time I go to a thrift. Sometimes it's to add to a collection I already have and other times it is because I have seen something somewhere and want it for myself. Kayla has an amazing set of Charlie Brown Dictionaries that I must have to add to my book collection for Leyton. One, because I love vintage kid's books and two because I freaking love Charlie Brown and all things Schultz.

I was browsing the books at Goodwill and my eye was immediately grabbed when I saw the word "Charlie Brown" on a book that was about the same size as the dictionary. Only this wasn't a dictionary, it was an encyclopedia. I thought it was fantastic and sat it aside to purchase. I had no idea how many others were in the set, but just having this one made me feel lucky. Then I saw another, and another, and another and...well you get the picture! Pretty soon I had a HUGE stack of them. Some were duplicates so my first step was just to gather all I could find. Then I sorted through them taking the ones that were in the best condition. Turns out there are 15 books in all, and instead of just having one book...I know have 14!! The only one I am missing is volume 13. So close to perfection, but still fantastic!

Have you come super close to a perfect score? Did you score something fun this week too? Make sure to link up and share your finds and be sure to check out Katie Jean today so you can see her amazing purple velvet couch that I have officially named Grimace.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Wish List

Leyton will turn one soon. I know it is still a couple months away but apparently in baby time that is pretty much tomorrow. It is scary to think about how fast the time has gone from pregnancy to baby clunking around in cast.

The family has already started to ask what Leyton wants, which really at this birthday translates to...what does mommy hope that Leyton gets! So, to make it easy I created him an Amazon Wish List, which you can see if you click here. Basically I think the wish list is a great way to share ideas and yet you can also keep it a secret from yourself on what people actually get you. Plus, sometimes ideas lead to ideas by the person shopping and so you end up with surprises anyway!

When I was creating a wish list for Leyton I really tried to keep in mind the things he like. What he likes the most right now is music. Give him anything that makes music or put music on and he's a happy happy boy. I've also noticed from his trips to Kayla and Nina's that sometimes the simpler toys are more fun! Our house seems to be filled with plastic. Plastic toys that rattle, plastic toys that light up, plastic toys that require batteries. For his birthday I want to get back to the roots....wood. Leyton is so much happier with a set of maracas than he is with half of his electronic toys. So hopefully for his bday this year we will replace some of his high tech toys with simpler and quite honestly more creativity breeding stuff!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Umm, but can we get poop on it?

While Leyton is unfazed by the cast and actually struts around like he's a damn rock star, Mommy is going bat shit crazy. Life with a baby got more complicated with a cast. Let's start with clothes. Typically they just don't make stuff to fit over gigantic casts. This required a trip to the thrift store to try and find clothing that could be modified.

So, now Leyton has a bunch of pj pants that have one leg cut off of them. I feel like this will make for some interesting conversations when these get donated back to the thrift store!

Next up, baths. One of the bullet points on the helpful list of what not to do with your cast included not getting it wet. This was right up there with not drilling holes in it or shoving anything inside your cast. Thankfully it was easy to take the drill and the coat hanger away from Leyton. Unfortunately the "sponge bath" is not going quite as smoothly. Leyton hates it. Screams during the whole thing from leg getting wrapped in a Target bag to dry off. Thank heavens baths weren't a solid part of the bedtime routine because this kiddo is only getting cleaned when he starts to resemble Pig Pen.

Bedtime. So far this hasn't been too terribly crazy. We created a modified little fort bed in our room by essentially putting his crib mattress on the floor. This allows me to assist him in the night if he gets stuck in an awkward position, but doesn't put him in our bed because heavens this 9 month old 25lb kid takes up most of the bed when he is in there. Throw in a 1+lb cast and it just becomes dangerous.

It's a good thing that the what not to do with your cast list doesn't include getting poop on it. I'm soo not kidding. Changing diapers is the most difficult part. The cast is high and Leyton already acts like a wild banshee during diaper changes. One of his favorite activities to throw on top of trying to crawl away is to squeeze his thighs together as tight as he can. Throw poop in the mix and well you get the picture. I might have to mention to the techs at Kaiser that poop should probably be added to their list.


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