Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You're getting sleeeeeepy.......

We're having a little trouble in regards to sleep in the house of Ball as of late. The hubby, the dog and I are all a bit tired today due to a particular 9 month old that lives in our home. His name is Leyton.

Leyton has always been a pretty good sleeper as far as sleepers go. I mean, he has his troubles but for the most part he is good about going down at a pretty early time and doesn't wake up a ton. He wakes up EARLY, but I know I can't win every war so I give him the early wake up time knowing that I will pay him back later when I need him to get up as a teenager. There are times when we know why he is waking up, teething, wanting a pacifier, wet, etc. Thankfully in the past month he has taught himself to fall back asleep so we haven't had to get out of bed for a while.

Then he learned to crawl.

One would think the most complicated thing would be keeping him out of everything, and at first it was. Problem is now when he wakes up in the middle of the night he sits up.....and won't lie back down. The other night this went on for FOUR HOURS. He wasn't crying, he would complain periodically but most of the time he was quiet and sitting up. Then you could see him nod off and head jerk back awake. It was terrible. I tried going in and lying him back down but most of the time that would only last 5 minutes and he was back up.

At 5am I finally gave up and decided I was going to get him out of his crib and put him in bed with me. I knew this might mean that he would sleep with me until he is 15, but I was willing to run the risk. Thing is when I went in the room he was quiet, still sitting up and sound asleep. So, I slowly lied (lay?) him back down and he fell asleep until 7:45am. This was nice but still made for one sleepy mama.

I hear at 9 months this happens. The struggle is what to do. There are just so many theories on sleep and whether you go the baby or ignore the baby. I have done both and while both work...they work in different ways. Sometimes too it is a matter of how much ignoring I can handle because sometimes ignoring means less sleep for mama as well.

Please, please don't let this go on for much longer!

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