Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I had so many plans for the blog this week. With Random Acts of Kindness I had all these hopes of the great things I would do and talk about. The fact is, I feel like I haven't done much and what I have done all revolves around food. I gave the people in my office chocolate on Monday, I brought home mousse for Wendy after babysitting and today I bought my boss lunch. Not much excitement there to talk about.

As I was sitting back this evening I thought about what is happening on the days that I don't have much to say. Am I sitting around doing nothing? It's actually quite the contrary. So, then I thought, why not tell you what I did today!

5:30am Get Leyton out of bed because he is crying, put him in bed with us in the hopes of at least 20 more minutes of wake up sleep.

6am Get out of bed, pee, let the dog out, make a bottle, let the dog in, change Leyton, feed Leyton the bottle.

7 - 8:15am Get Leyton dressed (although some days he stays in his pj's), play, change Leyton again because he has most definitely pooped by now, get myself ready. This will include makeup, hair (some days) and getting clothes on (all days.) Now that Leyton is on the move this RARELY includes taking a shower because he cannot be trusted. Today it also included 20 minutes of Just Dance 2 on the Wii.

8:30am Drop Leyton off at the wonderful Kayla's house for a fun filled day of playing with Nina and Kayla.

9am to 4:00pm Go to the office and work.

4:30-5pm Pick up Leyton which also means hanging out and chatting with Kayla because well, she is just totally awesome.

5:15pm Get Leyton's dinner ready and start feeding while we wait for Dad to come home, at which point he takes over.

5:30-5:45pm Freshen up and take off for knit night.

6-8pm Knit and chat with the ladies.

8-9pm Grocery shopping to get some items for dinner tomorrow and to pick up some much needed foods for Leyton.

9:15-9:50pm Make four trays of baby food, including mangoes and banana/kiwi. This is an easy night of food making because nothing needs to be cooked prior.

9:50-whenever Check email, write this blog post, think about how tired I am. After this post I will shower and then go to bed. Sometimes I will try to read, but I'm lucky to make it more than 20 minutes. Asleep by 11am.

Now, keep in mind that this schedule is only for Wednesday nights. All other nights I am at home giving baths, changing multiple times, playing, reading books, singing, making dinner, doing laundry, etc. etc. The other difference is on Tuesday and Thursday I work from home so there is no office to get to. I typically am in pajamas or sweats most all day. I get to squeeze some laundry in and spend what would normally be my lunch hour taking walks outside when the weather is nice. If not, I try to fit some Wii in while Leyton is napping....or give him a cracker and let him sit and laugh at me while I work out.

So, that's why I have nothing to talk about....because I'm on the go all day! How is that possible? I guess because telling you about normal day to day mom life sounds boring and I'm sure I lost quite a few of you by 9am. Truth is though, even with nothing to say I wouldn't change all of this for the world.

Check back tomorrow for a much more exciting post about Thrifty Thursday and a special giveaway just for you!!

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Pink Petunia Designs said...

I love this post. I can so relate to it. I thought about just having a private blog that I could document my day to day things so I could really look back and not feel so guilty about not getting to other things. Moms (and Dad's) are busy creatures. It's amazes me how much we actually do in one day.


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