Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Pioneer Woman

Today I went to San Francisco with Leyton and Wendy. We were on a mission. A mission to meet the Pioneer Woman! She was doing a book signing at Books Inc and since she didn't come around for the cookbook we knew that nothing was going to stop us from going down there this time around.

Not only that but I had a demo CD of Lullabies for Getty - Sweet Water Child that I was hoping to give her. In my perfect dream world, since all my dreams have been coming true, she will promote the album and help the sales and that only helps the battle with SMA so how could it be wrong?

Let's just say I may have used Leyton to my advantage. I know I'm his mom, but he's a cute kid. To make matters even cuter, I made a onesie for him to wear and Cupc4ke made him a horse hat. This is what happened next:
Yes, that is PW taking pictures of Leyton! It was fantastic and only got better. When I handed her the cd and said "Maybe you can take a listen to this later." She followed by saying, "Oh, are you the one from Twitter?" I think my response was "Maybe I am" until Wendy elbowed me and reminded me that YES, YES I AM the one from Twitter! She told me she was watching out for me and the CD. How fantastic is that?

Overall it was a great experience. It was fun to get the book signed, fun spending time with Wendy and Leyton and fun meeting Ree face to face. She's so charming and sweet and I'll just keep dreaming that she will help us in the fight of SMA!

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Melissa B. said...

I don't know why, but this post brought tears to my eyes.


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