Monday, February 07, 2011

Oh nachos.....

I know that starting off a weight loss post with the word nachos is probably not the best idea, but if you didn't already see what I made for Superbowl then here you go.Those would be my marinated flank steak Superbowl Super Nachos. Not necessarily diet friendly, but again..I'm trying to do this realistically because let's be frank. I'm not giving up nachos! Here's the deal though, they were the only super bowl food I had. I didn't make a big spread of anything else, just these nachos. Even better, when I was full...I stopped eating them. I even went back about an hour later and started to pick up a chip and though "blech" because I had no need for it.

That said, here are the results this week.Down .4lbs. Not too shabby after a night of nachos and some beer! I'm being realistic. I don't need to lose 3lbs a week. Would it be nice? Sure. Would it stay off? No. With the Wii you can set goals and I think my first goal was to lose 15lbs in 60 days so as I see it...I'm moving and grooving toward my goal!

This weeks focus is going to be working out more. I have been taking a lot of great walks outside with the nice weather. This week I'm going to use the Wii a bit more and explore the workout options.

See you next Monday!

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Mama Mandolin said...

Thanks for this! I had a linky up but it closed down for some reason-even though I paid the $24. Hmm I should check it out.

P.S. is your header based off the Metamorphosis???


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