Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Gadget

I totally succumbed. I've purchased quite a bit of baby stuff since Leyton was born and so far I haven't felt like I've gone too overboard. I try not to spend much on the items I do get, I try to buy used as much as I can. That is, until this.Yes, a video monitor. This was the most guilty pleasure purchase. If you had asked me pre baby how I felt about these I would have likely responded RIDICULOUS! If you ask me now, FANTASTIC!

Now, there is a reason for the wasn't just on a whim. Aside from the early rising time, Leyton is a good night sleeper. Tonight he went down at 7pm without a peep. I likely won't hear from him till about 3-4am. Many times he fusses for a minute and is right back asleep, during teething I might get him and snuggle to try and get more than an extra hour out of him.

Then we come to naps. Leyton WILL NOT nap in his crib. He'll go down just fine, but he never sleeps longer than 20-30 minutes. I just really feel like he associates his crib with nighttime and well, he just doesn't want to be in there that long. So, Leyton naps on a bed. A bed that was a fine solution until the crawling started. Sure I could have fought it and just forced the crib, but man...I just didn't have it in me. Plus I had this fear it would back fire and make the night sleep rough. So, a low Malm Ikea bed and a video monitor are the solution. Plus, it's just nice to peek and see what he is doing in there without going in.

I will say though, as a scary movie buff I sometimes get freaked out that I'm going to see something go across the screen. If that happens the monitor will likely get thrown at the wall as I run screaming with my baby down the street.

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