Monday, February 21, 2011

Just level

Ok, I'm cheating. I'm sitting here on Tuesday writing my weight loss Monday post for which I weighed in today for. I was a day late, but decided I want to keep Mondays as they are so I'm posting back. Needless to say this week I stayed exactly the same.Oh my, I can't tell you how happy I am for that. This week included some yummy lunches. Then we had our annual Daytona 500 party on Saturday and the spread included: breakfast casserole, three dips, chips, cookies, muffins, salami rolls, pulled pork and more! You would think I ended there, but instead we finished the day off in Davis with a dinner of tri-tip, illegal in at least 50 states mashed potatoes, garlic bread and coffee ice cream desserts. Needless to say when I saw that the weight stayed the same I did a little happy dance knowing that I didn't have to write yet about all the weight I gained in a week, because I'm sure at some point that is going to have to happen.

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Anonymous said...

Yay Stacey. I'm anxious for my weigh in tomorrow. Unlike you, I didn't have a good time eating all in one day, hey, isn't that what those extra points are for? annual Daytona race? I just over noshed off and on all week. I'll be happy with a push, even-Steven will be fine with me. Keep on pluggin' away - you have a kindred spirit. Dawn


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