Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Japan Town!

While in SF yesterday we had some time to kill before heading to the book signing so we decided to visit Japan Town. I had never been before, but a friend Jaymi recommended it. Oh man, I was not disappointed. It was much cleaner than China Town, had adorable shops and lacked the disgusting meat hanging in windows which is always a plus. We spent our time wandering through the mall visiting all the shops and capping it off with a delicious crepe.

I seriously cannot say enough about the shops. There were trinkets, pottery, books, and even a $1.50 store! Here is some of the loot that I purchased:

A frog sponge holder from the $1.50 store Daiso for the bath tub, I'm going to put Leyton's wash cloth in here!Some cute cups! The one on the left is plastic, the middle one is mine since it is ceramic and the one on the right is a little snack holder for Leyton!
Mustache buttons?! I mean, how could I not?
These notebooks were also from the $1.50 store Daiso. I love that two of them are French, but then again we did eat crepes in Japan Town.
I'm still a little disappointed that they didn't have a Stinky Poo shirt in Leyton's size, but over all Japan Town was AWESOME with a capital AWE!


johnna said...

Umm... that's not French: it's German!

"Ein besonderer Brief" = a special letter
"Es ist heute fein" = it's good (or fine) today or today it's fine

But don't worry, we eat crepes in Germany, too - except we call them Pfannkuchen. :-)

How did I miss Japantown during all my SF visits?!?

katie jean said...

Love Japantown! It is a must for me whenever I go there. I bought a few Christmas presents at the 1.50 shop. In Japan it is the 100 yen store :) And the bookstore there is a must. I have gotten some great style books there. Always in French and Japanese. So I do enjoy them for the pictures!


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