Monday, February 28, 2011

It found me.....

Well, the shitty way I ate the week before and the shitty way I ate this past week has caught up to me. I had some trouble with my board this morning so you are getting a slightly different view. My BMI went to 36.83 and I put on 1.6lbs this past week. I started the week off quite well, and then I broke Leyton and all hell broke loose. I'm definitely an emotional eater and used Girl Scout Cookies and pizza to ease the pain. Problem is, now I just feel more like shit. While it's easy to say I'm going to take this slow and that I know there will be ups and also sucks when there are ups. It was hard enough telling you all how much I weigh. Now I have to tell you I gained this week? Blech. Now typically at this point I'd say F-it, but the difference this time is I'm going to keep going. There just isn't an option to give up this time around.

On a much happier note, I finally figured out how to get Leyton set up on the Wii. Doesn't his little baby Mii look so cute? Since he won't get weighed in at the doctor again until he hits a year I thought it might be fun to include his weight on here with mine once a month. To remind us there was a time when we wanted to see our number go up and thought that chubby thighs were adorable!

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Anonymous said...

Keep on keeping on. Good for you for having the strength to not say f-it and keep going! I am rooting for you friend (And I have something for you :) Looking forward to seeing you at dinner in the near future!



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