Monday, February 28, 2011

It found me.....

Well, the shitty way I ate the week before and the shitty way I ate this past week has caught up to me. I had some trouble with my board this morning so you are getting a slightly different view. My BMI went to 36.83 and I put on 1.6lbs this past week. I started the week off quite well, and then I broke Leyton and all hell broke loose. I'm definitely an emotional eater and used Girl Scout Cookies and pizza to ease the pain. Problem is, now I just feel more like shit. While it's easy to say I'm going to take this slow and that I know there will be ups and also sucks when there are ups. It was hard enough telling you all how much I weigh. Now I have to tell you I gained this week? Blech. Now typically at this point I'd say F-it, but the difference this time is I'm going to keep going. There just isn't an option to give up this time around.

On a much happier note, I finally figured out how to get Leyton set up on the Wii. Doesn't his little baby Mii look so cute? Since he won't get weighed in at the doctor again until he hits a year I thought it might be fun to include his weight on here with mine once a month. To remind us there was a time when we wanted to see our number go up and thought that chubby thighs were adorable!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Not phased!

Babies are amazing. I know I put a ton of downer vibes on you yesterday so I wanted to be sure that you all knew that we are doing great. I'm feeling better and know that it was just an accident. I will always worry and wonder. I look at that little cast at times and have pangs of guilt. The thing that helps is this....Leyton does not care. He has a leg full of 1lb of cast and he is trucking around this house as if nothing happened. He occasionally sits up and touches it, but then just almost shrugs his shoulders and continues about his business. He laughs, he's not upset at all or showing any signs of being in pain. He sat through getting this cast on and was told that no baby has ever sat so still. He kind looks like a little bad ass with his cast, but I still will hope with all my heart and soul that this one is the only one he will ever have.

He's a trouper, he's my little dude.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

While the wound is raw.

Sometimes I write on here way after the fact. I think that what tends to happen is a bit of sugar coating. Even if it's a pissy/complaining post I wait until I've cooled off or what not. Today, this is not the case. I'm not going to wait to write this till tomorrow when the "wound heals." Nope, we're going to sit back and pick at this scab together. Well, at least those of us that just made it through the sentence "pick at this scab."

Today I fell. If you know me, and you know my track record you will know that this would not be uncommon. You might also think, "Oh man, I hope her knee is ok." This is typically the first thought to enter my brain during a fall....protect the knee at all costs.

Today, it was "protect the baby." Yes my friends, I was holding Leyton. This had to be one of my worst fears. I can literally see myself in slow motion falling into a modified slide trying to do everything to keep Leyton from getting hurt. I can also remember when I felt "something" under my arm during the fall. The immediate thought is the head. Of course he is crying, as I am too, but it's all about looking him over to see if anything appears out of place. Nothing stood out at the beginning and all I knew was that at that moment my heart was broken.

After arriving home it became apparent that he did not want down, did not want to crawl and would not move or put any weight on his left leg. After a quick call to the advice nurse we were off to ER where it would be revealed that he likely has a broken ankle. As a mom the way I heard it was "you broke your child's ankle." You see, it is impossible not to blame myself. Why wasn't I watching more closely instead of trying to get to the car quickly? Why wasn't I wearing better shoes? Why didn't I have the grocery clerk help me out? Why? Why? Why?

Earlier this week my biggest concern was this.....

that I wasn't getting enough sleep because my baby had taken to sitting up in his crib for hours on end. I looked for advice. How do I fix this quickly? How do I make this stop? I got all the answers from the hold him till he falls asleep to the let him deal with it because he eventually will fall asleep on his own.

Today my son could have been hurt FAR worse than he actually was and I would have been left with the knowledge that I let my baby sit up in a crib for hours, nodding off, crying out and then getting quiet again. I would have been left feeling like an even shittier mother than I do right now.

What it comes down to is this. I'm going to love that kid. If he's having trouble getting back to sleep because he is sitting up...I'm going to go and help him lie back down. If he's having trouble getting back to sleep because his teeth hurt...I'm going to hold him and make sure he feels ok. For me, that is going to make me a good mommy because I can prevent those tears and those moments of discomfort. If he won't get out of my bed till he is 15, then so be it. I've come to realize that I just might need that kid more than he needs me and I don't want to hurt him anymore.

I'm off to bed to cry now. Good night.

Thrifty Adventures!

This weeks adventures takes us a different direction than previous weeks. This week I'm featuring something I got at Denio's in Roseville. The flea market/auction is a whole new beast because instead of the prices being set in stone, you can negotiate. It's not something I do great, but I at the very least make sure to offer a little less than what they are asking. Unless they are offering a great price! I also am smart about my purchases and walk away from items when I know I don't want to go any higher. This sometimes means actually getting the item so it is a win win!
My first find was this old soda box that I turned into a little cubbie for my jewelry/make up area. This was $10 and a bit more than I wanted to spend, but there were 6 adorable soda bottles inside in which my friend Will bought two of so it made it the perfect price!

Next up are these metal alphabet and number stamps. I REALLY wanted these! I have a project in mind and had been looking into buying a new set. This set is in such great shape and caught my eye immediately. So, I asked how much for the alphabet and she said $25. I started to walk away and she called back and we negotiated to $25 for the alphabet and the numbers. Not only that, but my friend Kate and I went 50/50 on them! I can't wait to show you the project I make down the road which will include more finds from the thrift store.

Where did your Thrifty Adventures take you this week? Be sure to check out Katie Jean to see what she found! Also, the winner of last weeks contest is Lakota from Faith Hope and Charity Shopping, who by the way finds some AMAZING stuff! Email me at with your contact info and I'll get your prize to you!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A must share!

I've had an increase in blog readers and subscribers as of late so I've gotta bring something up again people. Those who have heard it before, well read it again and get over it! I LOVE THE DAMNWELLS! Through a chain of events and the818 I was introduced to Alex and Angela Dezen and my favorite song of all time was sung to front of me. You can read all about that here.

Well, The Damnwells have a new album coming out "No One Listens to the Band Anymore" on March 15th. You can get it a bit early by Pledging for the album, amongst other fun things you can get! Yesterday a new song was released which is available for free download. Oh man this song is incredible. Great lyrics, beautiful song and man that voice of his! It's just too wonderful not to share.

­­Of course, if you didn't know already, Alex and Angela are also working on Lullabies for Getty - Sweetwater Child which we also hope will be out sometime in March. We're hoping to create a blogidemic on the day before and the day of the release where the whole blog world bans together to celebrate the album release and support this wonderful cause! As we get closer to knowing that official release there are no doubts that I will be talking about it till I'm blue in the face.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You're getting sleeeeeepy.......

We're having a little trouble in regards to sleep in the house of Ball as of late. The hubby, the dog and I are all a bit tired today due to a particular 9 month old that lives in our home. His name is Leyton.

Leyton has always been a pretty good sleeper as far as sleepers go. I mean, he has his troubles but for the most part he is good about going down at a pretty early time and doesn't wake up a ton. He wakes up EARLY, but I know I can't win every war so I give him the early wake up time knowing that I will pay him back later when I need him to get up as a teenager. There are times when we know why he is waking up, teething, wanting a pacifier, wet, etc. Thankfully in the past month he has taught himself to fall back asleep so we haven't had to get out of bed for a while.

Then he learned to crawl.

One would think the most complicated thing would be keeping him out of everything, and at first it was. Problem is now when he wakes up in the middle of the night he sits up.....and won't lie back down. The other night this went on for FOUR HOURS. He wasn't crying, he would complain periodically but most of the time he was quiet and sitting up. Then you could see him nod off and head jerk back awake. It was terrible. I tried going in and lying him back down but most of the time that would only last 5 minutes and he was back up.

At 5am I finally gave up and decided I was going to get him out of his crib and put him in bed with me. I knew this might mean that he would sleep with me until he is 15, but I was willing to run the risk. Thing is when I went in the room he was quiet, still sitting up and sound asleep. So, I slowly lied (lay?) him back down and he fell asleep until 7:45am. This was nice but still made for one sleepy mama.

I hear at 9 months this happens. The struggle is what to do. There are just so many theories on sleep and whether you go the baby or ignore the baby. I have done both and while both work...they work in different ways. Sometimes too it is a matter of how much ignoring I can handle because sometimes ignoring means less sleep for mama as well.

Please, please don't let this go on for much longer!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Just level

Ok, I'm cheating. I'm sitting here on Tuesday writing my weight loss Monday post for which I weighed in today for. I was a day late, but decided I want to keep Mondays as they are so I'm posting back. Needless to say this week I stayed exactly the same.Oh my, I can't tell you how happy I am for that. This week included some yummy lunches. Then we had our annual Daytona 500 party on Saturday and the spread included: breakfast casserole, three dips, chips, cookies, muffins, salami rolls, pulled pork and more! You would think I ended there, but instead we finished the day off in Davis with a dinner of tri-tip, illegal in at least 50 states mashed potatoes, garlic bread and coffee ice cream desserts. Needless to say when I saw that the weight stayed the same I did a little happy dance knowing that I didn't have to write yet about all the weight I gained in a week, because I'm sure at some point that is going to have to happen.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I know, you are thinking "What the hell is she writing about Christmas for?!" Well, I made some gifts for Christmas and just finally was able to give them so I wanted to show you. For the kiddos I did leg warmers and these cute little hats....
The hats were sooo easy, and doesn't Presley look adorable in hers! I simply took tshirts from the thrift store, cut them, sewed them up on two sides and then made cute little critters out of felt! The hardest part was the critters because I was too afraid to use my machine so instead did it all by hand.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Gadget

I totally succumbed. I've purchased quite a bit of baby stuff since Leyton was born and so far I haven't felt like I've gone too overboard. I try not to spend much on the items I do get, I try to buy used as much as I can. That is, until this.Yes, a video monitor. This was the most guilty pleasure purchase. If you had asked me pre baby how I felt about these I would have likely responded RIDICULOUS! If you ask me now, FANTASTIC!

Now, there is a reason for the wasn't just on a whim. Aside from the early rising time, Leyton is a good night sleeper. Tonight he went down at 7pm without a peep. I likely won't hear from him till about 3-4am. Many times he fusses for a minute and is right back asleep, during teething I might get him and snuggle to try and get more than an extra hour out of him.

Then we come to naps. Leyton WILL NOT nap in his crib. He'll go down just fine, but he never sleeps longer than 20-30 minutes. I just really feel like he associates his crib with nighttime and well, he just doesn't want to be in there that long. So, Leyton naps on a bed. A bed that was a fine solution until the crawling started. Sure I could have fought it and just forced the crib, but man...I just didn't have it in me. Plus I had this fear it would back fire and make the night sleep rough. So, a low Malm Ikea bed and a video monitor are the solution. Plus, it's just nice to peek and see what he is doing in there without going in.

I will say though, as a scary movie buff I sometimes get freaked out that I'm going to see something go across the screen. If that happens the monitor will likely get thrown at the wall as I run screaming with my baby down the street.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Leyton and the Lemon

Every baby has to go through this right? It's like some sort of initiation? Or maybe, it just makes me a mean mommy.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thrift Adventures

This week I ventured to a new thrift store, the Goodwill Outlets on Franklin Blvd. Man is this place CRAZY! I spent most of my time in the books which brings us to this weeks thrifty find. Sometimes when thrifting I find myself with something ridiculous that I am only getting for the humor factor. This 50 cent book was exactly that....

The New Joys of Jell-O from 1973, seems innocent enough. Let's look inside shall we?The first thing you might notice is the incredible graphics put there to make the Jell-O delights pop on the page. Oh, the graphics aren't enough to tempt you? Well, let's try a little staging then.
See there, we have Pac-Man...7 years before he made it big. He will later eat billions of dots, but right now you can eat him! Still not sold? Wow, guess we better break out the big guns and head right to the centerfold.There you have it my friends. I'm sure I have you hook line and sinker with that bevy of deliciousness. If the nutty fruitcake mold doesn't strike your fancy, then maybe the modern cubism dessert? Wow, always the skeptic huh? Afraid that Jell-O just won't work for your fancy events. Ha! Well there you are wrong!
Nothing says "Till death do us part" like a salmon Jell-O salad mold! OK, I know at this point we have covered everything right? Wait a minute, what is this section..Oh my goodness it's the things we never would have thought of section. I guess we're going to have to have a look-see.
Gosh darn it, you got me. Honestly I had never thought of putting shrimp and pimentos on a pumpernickel slice and pouring lemon dill Jell-O on top! You definitely got me there. Don't worry too because since we are all watching our weight right now there is a "Jell-O for the Slim Life" section which includes the 5% of recipes that don't include mayonnaise!

See what I told you? Best 50 cents I have ever spent in my life. What makes it even better is we're going to turn this Joy of Jell-O party into a giveaway! That's right, you could be the proud owner of this book, 4 boxes of Jell-O and one Tupperware Jell-O mold so you can get your next party started right.

To enter we will turn to my favorite picture of the book.Great huh? What it's missing is the caption! What are these cool cats from the 1970's saying as they enter your house? Submit your answers by noon on Wednesday the 23rd and the winner will be selected and announced next week on Thrifty Thursday! All Facebook and blog comments will be included. May the best caption win!

Don't forget to link up your thrifty finds this week and check Katie Jean to see where her Thrifty Adventures took her!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I had so many plans for the blog this week. With Random Acts of Kindness I had all these hopes of the great things I would do and talk about. The fact is, I feel like I haven't done much and what I have done all revolves around food. I gave the people in my office chocolate on Monday, I brought home mousse for Wendy after babysitting and today I bought my boss lunch. Not much excitement there to talk about.

As I was sitting back this evening I thought about what is happening on the days that I don't have much to say. Am I sitting around doing nothing? It's actually quite the contrary. So, then I thought, why not tell you what I did today!

5:30am Get Leyton out of bed because he is crying, put him in bed with us in the hopes of at least 20 more minutes of wake up sleep.

6am Get out of bed, pee, let the dog out, make a bottle, let the dog in, change Leyton, feed Leyton the bottle.

7 - 8:15am Get Leyton dressed (although some days he stays in his pj's), play, change Leyton again because he has most definitely pooped by now, get myself ready. This will include makeup, hair (some days) and getting clothes on (all days.) Now that Leyton is on the move this RARELY includes taking a shower because he cannot be trusted. Today it also included 20 minutes of Just Dance 2 on the Wii.

8:30am Drop Leyton off at the wonderful Kayla's house for a fun filled day of playing with Nina and Kayla.

9am to 4:00pm Go to the office and work.

4:30-5pm Pick up Leyton which also means hanging out and chatting with Kayla because well, she is just totally awesome.

5:15pm Get Leyton's dinner ready and start feeding while we wait for Dad to come home, at which point he takes over.

5:30-5:45pm Freshen up and take off for knit night.

6-8pm Knit and chat with the ladies.

8-9pm Grocery shopping to get some items for dinner tomorrow and to pick up some much needed foods for Leyton.

9:15-9:50pm Make four trays of baby food, including mangoes and banana/kiwi. This is an easy night of food making because nothing needs to be cooked prior.

9:50-whenever Check email, write this blog post, think about how tired I am. After this post I will shower and then go to bed. Sometimes I will try to read, but I'm lucky to make it more than 20 minutes. Asleep by 11am.

Now, keep in mind that this schedule is only for Wednesday nights. All other nights I am at home giving baths, changing multiple times, playing, reading books, singing, making dinner, doing laundry, etc. etc. The other difference is on Tuesday and Thursday I work from home so there is no office to get to. I typically am in pajamas or sweats most all day. I get to squeeze some laundry in and spend what would normally be my lunch hour taking walks outside when the weather is nice. If not, I try to fit some Wii in while Leyton is napping....or give him a cracker and let him sit and laugh at me while I work out.

So, that's why I have nothing to talk about....because I'm on the go all day! How is that possible? I guess because telling you about normal day to day mom life sounds boring and I'm sure I lost quite a few of you by 9am. Truth is though, even with nothing to say I wouldn't change all of this for the world.

Check back tomorrow for a much more exciting post about Thrifty Thursday and a special giveaway just for you!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Get this kid a helmet!

Leyton has been crawling for just a week now I think and I'm pretty certain if he keeps on the track he is on he will have a concussion any day now. Oh my goodness, it is not right how much he is hitting his head. It has come to a point where I feel like the only option is to wrap the entire inside of my house in bubble wrap. He would be safe, and I would get to laugh when the bubbles popped.

See the problem is that it's not good enough for him just to crawl, that luxury wore off after a couple days. Now, it's all about trying to pull himself up. Not on things soft like a sofa or a chair either. He wants to pull himself up on the little knobs on the tv stand, the tiny piece of wood on the edge of the dining room table. Then, to make matters worse, when he falls....he doesn't learn his lesson! Instead he decides, "I'm going to show that fucking dining room table who is boss." Probably is...the dining room table always wins. Add that to the opening of the drawers, only to try to pull himself up causing the drawer to close on his fingers and boy oh boy I can't tell you how much crying is going on right now. Both by Leyton and me.

I give it one more week and he's going to be wearing this.And I am sooo not kidding.

Monday, February 14, 2011

What a gift.....

There is no better Valentine's Day gift than the one I gave myself this morning......
Down 1.8lbs! That's a total so far of 8.5 and only 1.5 away from a pedicure! If you could see my feet right now you would know that it would be WONDERFUL to get a pedicure. Last weeks post was great because periodically I found myself this past week about to reward myself with something only to remember that I had a schedule to keep. So it's also cutting down the buying for myself!

I still didn't work out with the Wii much this past week, most of my workouts were walking. I try to walk as much as I can with Leyton. Even when I met my friend Kate for breakfast, I walked there. The weather here has been fantastic so I'm getting outside whenever I can! This week rain is in the forecast so I'm going to hit the Wii heavy. I will be using the Wii Fit and also the new game Just Dance 2. I plan to shake my booty right off!

Here's to hoping that in two weeks I will be getting a pedicure! If there is anything you want me to talk about in regards to gaining weight, being an overweight pregnant woman or losing weight, please let me know. I'm putting the weight out there for the world to see so obviously there are no secrets!

Leyton is 9 months!

He's been out as long as he was in! Unbelievable how fast the time goes.This is Leyton when he is cranky. He was hollering at me through the whole 9 month photo shoot. He simply did not want his picture taken. He also did not want his diaper changed, did not want his clothes changed, did not want his bottle to be empty and so on.

In this past month the changes have been tremendous. Leyton is crawling and eating with his hands. He is very vocal when he doesn't like something. He loves playing with the dog, especially when the dog tries to play with whatever Leyton is trying to give him. Ironically it is typically not something the dog is supposed to be playing with and I think somehow Leyton knows this so laughs because he knows the dog is busted. If you tell Leyton to "Get back over here" or "I'm going to get you" he crawls as fast as he possibly can. We will get this on video very soon.As for looks, the biggest difference I see is his hair. It's getting long and it's getting wavy. He has the most perfect business man hairdo all the time. I am absolutely in love with this kid, Happy 9 month old bday baby!

Happy Valentine's Day

Wow, this is going to be a busy Monday. I'm going to do something crazy today and post THREE times! I know, you are bored already, but there's just to much to talk about.

First up....Valentine's Day!Leyton would like you all to know that he loves every one of you! There is something we like even more than Valentine's Day though, today marks the start of Random Acts of Kindness week! I've signed up to do a little random act each day, some that will even benefit you. Today because it is Valentine's Day my random act involved chocolate. Yummy Dummy to be exact! If you don't know who Yummy Dummy are then you should definitely check them out online. I brought in some of their chocolate bars for my new friends at my new office.

Post one down, see you later this afternoon for Leyton's 9 month celebration!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

It happened....

When the Pioneer Woman took out her camera and snapped a picture of Leyton I hoped that it would make it on her blog. Well, it happened in her post yesterday! I was so excited! I'm actually not even sure why, but it meant something. It's nice when someone you look up to in the blogging world takes notice, even if it is just for having an adorable baby.

It's amazing how much some of these bloggers mean to me. It feels weird, and I know I have talked about this before, but in a way you really get to know people and yet most of the time there will always be this distance between you. A distance that feels weird and sometimes makes you feel like a freak (or at least me) because come on...we only know each other through the internet and some of them might not even know you back!

I've felt lucky to meet in person the bloggers I have including: Bossy, Morgan of The818 and The Pioneer Woman. Now I can just hope for the chance to meet: LoveMaegan, Carol Browne, NieNie, Maggie Mason, Gary Rith and Kenny from Smonk You just to name a few!!! A girl can dream right?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thrifty Adventures

I had a request last week to talk about the salt and pepper shakers so I thought I would do just that. In fact, the salt and pepper shakes are THE collection. It's what I have the most of, it is what keeps growing and really I absolutely love it. Funny thing is, recently I've been thinking of selling it all. What it came down to was they were all SOOO dirty and I couldn't figure out how to clean them. After talking about dusty collections last week I decided it was time to clean them. I took them all off the shelves, took out their corks and put them in the dishwasher. Some didn't make it so the collection got weeded down a bit, but oh heavens do they look lovely again! Here is a picture of all the shelves together.I started this collection YEARS ago. Many are gifts, some are from stores, but a lot of them are from thrift stores, garage sales or antique stores. I only buy if they are cheap, and only have one pair that I spent far too much for. Here is a close up of the top three shelves. Here is a close up of the bottom three shelves. Then we have the pair I spent too much for, which also happens to be my favorite pair. Yes, the boobs are my favorite set! I put this one out at most dinner parties and it starts the best conversations. I got this set on Ebay in a ridiculous bidding war and I don't even think I remember what I paid for it but it was probably close to $20 which was way to much!

My favorite thrift store/antique store find is this set that I found in Florida on a trip to see my Mom. It was perfect and captured a great memory about the trip! It's been a while since I have added to the set, simply because they were dirty and packed on the shelves. Now that it's clean, I think I might start looking for them again! Do you have a collection that you are thinking of getting rid of because it's neglected or did you find something great this week? Link up! Don't forget to check out Katie Jean's site to see what she got thrifty with this week!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Japan Town!

While in SF yesterday we had some time to kill before heading to the book signing so we decided to visit Japan Town. I had never been before, but a friend Jaymi recommended it. Oh man, I was not disappointed. It was much cleaner than China Town, had adorable shops and lacked the disgusting meat hanging in windows which is always a plus. We spent our time wandering through the mall visiting all the shops and capping it off with a delicious crepe.

I seriously cannot say enough about the shops. There were trinkets, pottery, books, and even a $1.50 store! Here is some of the loot that I purchased:

A frog sponge holder from the $1.50 store Daiso for the bath tub, I'm going to put Leyton's wash cloth in here!Some cute cups! The one on the left is plastic, the middle one is mine since it is ceramic and the one on the right is a little snack holder for Leyton!
Mustache buttons?! I mean, how could I not?
These notebooks were also from the $1.50 store Daiso. I love that two of them are French, but then again we did eat crepes in Japan Town.
I'm still a little disappointed that they didn't have a Stinky Poo shirt in Leyton's size, but over all Japan Town was AWESOME with a capital AWE!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Pioneer Woman

Today I went to San Francisco with Leyton and Wendy. We were on a mission. A mission to meet the Pioneer Woman! She was doing a book signing at Books Inc and since she didn't come around for the cookbook we knew that nothing was going to stop us from going down there this time around.

Not only that but I had a demo CD of Lullabies for Getty - Sweet Water Child that I was hoping to give her. In my perfect dream world, since all my dreams have been coming true, she will promote the album and help the sales and that only helps the battle with SMA so how could it be wrong?

Let's just say I may have used Leyton to my advantage. I know I'm his mom, but he's a cute kid. To make matters even cuter, I made a onesie for him to wear and Cupc4ke made him a horse hat. This is what happened next:
Yes, that is PW taking pictures of Leyton! It was fantastic and only got better. When I handed her the cd and said "Maybe you can take a listen to this later." She followed by saying, "Oh, are you the one from Twitter?" I think my response was "Maybe I am" until Wendy elbowed me and reminded me that YES, YES I AM the one from Twitter! She told me she was watching out for me and the CD. How fantastic is that?

Overall it was a great experience. It was fun to get the book signed, fun spending time with Wendy and Leyton and fun meeting Ree face to face. She's so charming and sweet and I'll just keep dreaming that she will help us in the fight of SMA!

Monday, February 07, 2011

Oh nachos.....

I know that starting off a weight loss post with the word nachos is probably not the best idea, but if you didn't already see what I made for Superbowl then here you go.Those would be my marinated flank steak Superbowl Super Nachos. Not necessarily diet friendly, but again..I'm trying to do this realistically because let's be frank. I'm not giving up nachos! Here's the deal though, they were the only super bowl food I had. I didn't make a big spread of anything else, just these nachos. Even better, when I was full...I stopped eating them. I even went back about an hour later and started to pick up a chip and though "blech" because I had no need for it.

That said, here are the results this week.Down .4lbs. Not too shabby after a night of nachos and some beer! I'm being realistic. I don't need to lose 3lbs a week. Would it be nice? Sure. Would it stay off? No. With the Wii you can set goals and I think my first goal was to lose 15lbs in 60 days so as I see it...I'm moving and grooving toward my goal!

This weeks focus is going to be working out more. I have been taking a lot of great walks outside with the nice weather. This week I'm going to use the Wii a bit more and explore the workout options.

See you next Monday!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Crawling - Part Two

Each day Leyton crawls a little bit more. So far these are the things he has done since the crawling has started.....on Friday.

1. Tries to "pull himself up" on any large toy that is on the ground.2. Went to an electrical outlet to give it a feel.
3. Crawled under the dining room chair again and again and again. Always ends in the bonking of the head and crying.4. Tried to get the speaker cables.
5. Tried to get the plant stand.
6. Tried to get the Grandfather clock.
7. Pulled the baby monitor cable resulting in a very close call.
8. Crawled under the coffee table again and again and again. Always ends in the bonking of the head and crying.
9 Tried to pull the stroller on top of himself.
10. Drove his mother bat shit fucking crazy all in about 48 hours time.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

There they are!

I took Leyton in for some impromptu photos the other day for which he was EXTREMELY cooperative for! I know he seems really happy whenever I take pictures, but so far when he has gone to a studio he has hated every moment of it.

I was so happy when I looked at the pics to find that we have our first pic of the two little teeth! Man, babies with little teeth nubs are so adorable!

Friday, February 04, 2011

He crawls!

Leyton has been in crawling position since before Christmas. He'd rock back and forth, he'd lift his knees. He'd centipede across the floor. He just couldn't figure out the arms. In the past week we could see a change because while he wasn't crawling, he was figuring out ways to get to what he wanted and sometimes that would involve using his arms. Last night he finally started to put it all together. He loves knocking over towers of blocks so that was all the motivation he needed to crawl.

Personally though, I love the little centipede at the end!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Thrifty Adventures!

This week we are going to talk a little bit about collections! I have a couple items that I collect. Sometimes a collection starts with a thrift store trip...I see something I like and then I look for MORE of that item. I currently collect vintage Fisher Price toys, figural salt and pepper shakers and glassware. The thing with me and collecting is it has to be useful. If it's just going to sit on a shelf and collect dust then I have no interest.

Glassware started with my hubby. When we joined households he had some funky mismatched glasses. Of course through the years our glassware has taken an upgrade but I grew to appreciate the cabinet of mismatched and we continued to have one. The nice thing is, people can use them and if something breaks, well it was probably less than $1 to begin with. What I look for are glasses under $1 with beverage advertising. This is the collection that we have so far:
I can't tell you how many times the Coors glass has broken and been replaced! The good thing about this collection is they aren't that hard to find. This week I found a new glass at Deseret Industries for 49 cents!TAB - I love the shape and the color of the logo!

Do you have any collections? What did you find on your Thrifty Adventures this week? Be sure to check out Katie Jean and see where her adventures took her!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Bit of Whimsy!

I feel like a broken record when I tell you that I keep being blown away by the generosity of complete strangers! When I started helping Kate raise money for her family and awareness for SMA I had no idea that Pandora's Box would be opened and all the goodness that would pour out. There are so many exciting things that are coming this year so if you were thinking that you were going to stop reading this blog....don't!

Recently Sarah and Rob of Bit of Whimsy Dolls heard about Getty and decided that they too wanted to help. For the entire month of February they are donating half of the proceeds from each Olivia Owl Pattern sold. This owl is adorable!!! If you own a sewing machine you should buy this, if you don't own a sewing machine buy it for someone who does!

Thank you so much Sarah and Rob for getting behind Team Getty! I challenge other crafters out there to do the same so we can keep on spreading the word and helping the cause!


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