Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why the change?

I'm having a little issue with baby clothing right now so lucky you gets to read a bit of a rant post. Leyton is 8 months old, he fits in 12 month clothing. I have no problem with that because he is a big boy and I find sizing in baby clothes to be a bit of a farce anyway. The problem I have is that 12 month clothing is so different from 9 month.

Footie pajamas have been replaced by pj's that don't have feet. I mean, what 12 month old needs warm feet? In addition, just finding pj's that are one piece is a challenge now. Everything is a top and a bottom. This means that I find my child in the morning with his top wedged up in his armpits while his tummy is exposed and chilly.

Onesies are also a thing of the past, now it's tops and bottoms in his daytime clothes. Oh, and don't even think about finding pants with snaps in the crotch because you see...apparently 12 month olds don't wear diapers so there is no reason to make a diaper easy to access.

Seriously, I feel like 12 month old clothing is made in the style of a toddler. Unfortunately I still have a baby and while I don't mind that he's getting bigger...I just want my 9 month old clothing back.


Eileen @ Bringing Up Bronwyn said...

Carter's totally still has footie pjs in 12 months and bigger. Your best bet is to buy online because the in store is slim pickings. If you do go to a Carter's store, go to the back wall instead of the front pj section. I thought the same thing!

Duffy said...

I was definitely going to say Carters, also Old Navy.
Kate still had footie pjs up until she turned three. We switched to top and bottoms when she was potty trained, easier for her to use the potty with normal pants pjs.


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