Thursday, January 06, 2011

Thrifty Link Party!!

Before I had Leyton and even was thinking about having a baby I was always drawn to the kids stuff at thrift stores and garage sales. I've always been a fan of the old Fisher Price toys and would snatch them up whenever I found them in good shape. Now that I do have a kiddo it is even more fun looking through this section to find items that are perfect for him.

At just shy of 8 months it is already very obvious that "Goodnight Moon" is his favorite book. Of all the books I read it is the one that he pays the closest attention to and from the moment that "In the great green room" comes out of my mouth he is all smiles. Needless to say I was super excited to find these two items on my thrifting adventure at Goodwill on Hurley and Fulton!I spotted the game first. With games, if you are hoping to play them, it is important to make sure that all of the pieces are there. Many times it will tell you inside what is supposed to be there and lucky for me, this game was intact and cost me $1.99. I was even more excited when I ventured over to the kids books and found "Goodnight Moon" in Korean! I think it will be fun to show Leyton the differences between different languages and how we write. The book was $1.49. Such great stuff for just $3.48!

I'm going to make sure that with each Thursday posting I tell you where I found the items and how much they cost. For you locals it might give you some good thrift stores that you aren't already going to and I think it's fun to see the value of thrifted items! Thanks for joining my party today and hope you have something cool to link up!


Anonymous said...

I just found you and your party. I will add a link to my page.
Did you also link up at Bloggeritaville?

We never had Goodnight Moon, but I love that you found it in another language.

amy said...

I want to look at your game. We got one last year at that church yard sale but it doesn't have all the pieces, nor does it have instructions. I've been thinking about taking it apart to make some sort of wall art.

katie jean said...

My kids have all loved Good Night Moon. I could resite it to them whenever they wanted to hear it, I came to know it so well! Now I try to find other books by Margaret Wise Brown whenever I thrift :)

Anonymous said...

This book is a favorite in my house!! LOVE that you have it in an alternate language. Great finds. :)

Just found your blog. Will be following!



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