Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Thrifty Link Party!!

If you are going to talk about thrifting, and team up with someone to have a party to promote it...there is none better than Katie Jean! Katie and I started talking last year, which seems so long ago when you say that, about hosting a thrift link party on our blogs. I'm happy to's finally time to get this link party started!! Here are our party plans

1. Every Thursday on our blogs we will be posting our thrifty find of the week. Sometimes we might even be giving our finds a face lift and making them something new!

2. You are invited to join us and link back here with a picture of your treasure and a link back to your blog sharing what you love about your find.

3. We will be sharing some of our favorites from your submissions each week so check back on our blogs and see if you were featured!

You will see on my sidebar two buttons. One is for the link party, so grab away, tell your friends, post on your blog and let's get this party started! The second button is for those of you that get featured to post letting the world know we love what you have to share! It wouldn't be a party without you so come and join our adventures tomorrow!!

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