Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thrifty Adventures

Another favorite item to look for when I go to thrift stores is vinyl. Remember those? Think a cd only larger for you young folk out there. The hubby has a nice vinyl collection and the first Christmas we were together I was trying to impress him and got him a really nice record player. Apparently it worked because he married me! Sometimes I look for albums for him, sometimes for myself and now that Leyton is around I've been looking for him too.

On my last thrift store trip the albums were half off so I got both of these for $1 each at Goodwill! I scored a Blondie album for myself because sometimes you just have to dance around while you are cleaning the house to Blondie. I also got a Sesame Street album for Leyton which I can't wait to play while I sing along to him!

What did you find this week? Be sure to check Katie Jean to see where her Thrifty Adventure took her and don't forget to grab a button!

1 comment:

katie jean said...

I love getting records too! I got one for my son called "The Harmonicats" for Christmas because he loves his harmonica :) But you totally scored on the Blondie album, just the cover alone is a winner!


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