Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thrifty Adventures

Right now I'm in Washington so the thrift outings had a specific purpose. While I definitely looked around for cute items, my mission was to find some of the comforts of home for my wee beast. Since everything was new I wanted to find him a couple things that we weren't able to pack that would bring home to vacation. Of course, I had to find "Goodnight Moon" and scored another great hard cover edition for 50 cents. What I really needed though was some entertainment. Something I could put Leyton in where he could entertain himself for a bit. I knew, I needed to find a Johnny Jumper. Luckily I scored one in the first place I looked, Small Threads in Issaquah! These sell new for $25 and I scored it for $9 in perfect condition. This leads to the video you are about to watch. My son has decided that bouncing isn't good enough, instead he wants to get dizzy.

He learned to wind himself up and then lift his feet. It makes me nervous though so I've only let him do it twice, once while we figured out what he was doing and twice to video it. Unfortunately this more Johnny Jumper! Oh well, sometimes with thrifting you win some and you lose some. Part of me thinks this video was worth the $9 spent though!

What did you find this week?
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Morgan said...

What a smart kid! That is too cute :) Made me crack up!


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