Monday, January 03, 2011

Night of Hope

The blogging world is a very crazy place I tell you and it all came full circle for me in the most amazing way recently. In fact, if this is the biggest thing that comes out of this blog then my friends it was a true success and I have been soo happy to share it with you! You may remember back when I did my 30 days of me that I mentioned in a post what my favorite song was. It was hard to pick the song "I Will Keep The Bad Things From You" but the more I thought about this song by The Damnwells the more I realized it was a song I could listen to for eternity. It was a song I wish was written about me. Just a few short weeks later Morgan from the818 wrote a post about having Alex and Ang over for dinner. I've read Morgan's blog for a while now and reading that she was friends with The Damnwells made me fall over in my chair. I just had to comment and tell her about the coincidence, and boy am I glad I did!!

I'm so happy to announce that because of this there will be an album released soon, Lullabies for Getty by none other than Alex and Angela. Monies raised from sales of this album will go to both The Storm family and Sophia's Cure. As if this news wasn't great enough, through a series of more events they will now be performing at a benefit event in LA called A Night of Hope. To make it better, I will be in attendance with Kate. I mean seriously people, does this shit really happen? If this is just a total normal occurrence maybe tomorrow I will post all my favorite things and just try to knock them all off the list.

In all seriousness, what Alex and Angela are doing is above and beyond normal. The generosity of these too, and we also have the mention the amazing Morgan....I mean I am just breathless every day.

Of course, I hope you get involved in this also! If you are in the LA area or are feeling like getting away then please consider attending A Night of Hope. All money is going to Sophia's Cure which goes directly into research into a cure for SMA! If you can't help now then hang tight and we'll have more information about purchasing the album very soon!!


The818 said...

Alex and Ange are amazingly generous folks and were so moved by Getty's story as was I. SO looking forward to getting to meet you and Kate in a few weeks, and kick SMA1's ass!!

The818 said...

(I hope it's okay to say "ass" on your blog. You know what I mean. I want it eradicated."

Stacey B said...

I said "shit" so I think we're all good. A little ass never hurt anyone!

Angela Dezen said...

I love it. Well, we can't wait to help kick the sh*t out of SMA1's a*s once and for all. Thanks for the post, and we can't wait to meet you, as well! xo-

katie jean said...

Wow! such great news! I love how the world works :D


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