Monday, December 19, 2011

Not too Shabby......

It's been a while since I've done any sort of weight loss picture, post, update, etc.  I've been meaning too, but other things just pop up.  Obviously we are in the not so weight loss friendly time of the year.  Starting with Thanksgiving the snowball rolls down the hill through holiday luncheons, Christmas and then New Years until it is the size of an SUV.

I don't want to be an SUV, but at the same time I'm not going to kill myself to try and be a SmartCar either!  So, I have given myself a pass.  A pass to make wise choices but not stress out.  That pass is 3lbs.  So, for the past couple weeks I have gone up and down the same three pounds.  If I can do that through New Years I will be a happy camper!

Recently I won something I have coveted for a long time.....a Shabby Apple dress.  Natalie's Sentiments was having a giveaway for a dress that I knew would be a perfect style for me.  I won.  I ordered the biggest size they had, an XL and looked on my porch every day hoping it would be here in time to wear for the holidays and hoping it would FIT.

I must say, not too shabby!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Some Light Hearted Christmas Reading

My Mom recently sent a little care package to the house with a little touch of Christmas for Leyton inside.  Some holiday pj's, some holiday music and two holiday books.

Classics really.

I didn't think he'd be interested in them because they are a bit wordy, but after a couple different attempts the other day he finally sat through them and I got to see them in their entirety. 

It was during my reading of "A Christmas Carol" that I realized these books might be a little different.  To start, this book is written in rhyme.  Now at first that seems fine.  Gives it a jingle.  Makes it fun for Leyton to follow along to....a Dr. Seuss touch if you will.  It was when we got to Tiny Tim that I first said "huh?"

For those not familiar Tiny Tim is ill and handicap in the story "A Christmas Carol."  He is in this book too, only it's put in a different manner?

I quote:
"Tiny Tim," said the Spirit, "will always be lame.  But he still is cheerful despite his great pain."

Now, I know they had to rhyme with pain....but seriously....lame?!  Not sure that is quite appropriate?

I quote:
"It spoke not a word and seemed to be dumb.  It was the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come."

So, if you are handicap or sick you are lame and if you can't talk you are dumb?!  Man, the lessons my kid is learning from this book are fantastic!  Now, don't get me wrong....I know both of these terms were PC at some time but I'm thinking this might not make the must read at Christmas list.

Thankfully the "Twelve Days of Christmas" had the lyrics that I always remember it happening.  I just question if these Lords are really a-leaping?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Craigslist Etiquette Part Deux

If you read my last post, you probably figured I had all the rules covered.  I figured at that point I had experienced all of the ridiculousness that Craigslist could provide.  I had experienced the flakes, the low balls, the please delivers.  It couldn't get worse.

Trust me, Part Deux means it can.  The stupidity is about to hit an all time low.

Here's the deal.  I have a food processor.  A REALLY NICE food processor.  I got it with the intention of making Leyton's food.  It was a birthday/Christmas gift last year and seemed like such a good idea at the time.  Up to that point I was making all of Leyton's food in a small blender sized food processor.  What I didn't realize is in just a month after getting said item....Leyton would start solids and my need to puree would come to a screeching halt.  I kick myself everyday that we got this food processor.  So, the obvious idea was sell it on Craigslist.  I knew I'd only get half of what we paid for it at most, but I could use that money to buy something I would use and still have money left over.

Unfortunately I kept getting low balled.  Finally I realized that maybe I was just going to have to drop the price a bit lower.  I got emailed an offer and accepted.  I should have known when it was pointed out that it was a "cash" offer we were in for trouble.  I'm pretty certain the last time I checked bartering for goats ended sometime in the last decade.

I had said buyer meet me at my house.  I have a dog that barks like Cujo so this has always seemed like a safe option and I always meet buyer out front.  Buyer came, cash was exchanged, item left the premises.  I have to say I had a big sigh of relief that it was finally over.

Two hours later my phone rang.  It was buyer.  I ignored the call and figured he could leave a message.  Moments later, there was a knock at my door.  I figured it was the mail man and kept working.  When I looked up towards the front window, instead of seeing the mailman walking across the lawn...I see buyer at the front window.

I went outside to figure out what the problem was.  Now, this processor is made by Kitchen Aid and is called the Advocate Professional.  Mr. Buyer took this to mean this was a commercial grade processor and when he noticed on the bottom of the processor that it said "Household Appliance" he accused me of falsely listing my item as a professional item...when really it is not worth as much.  All it would have taken would have been for him to GOOGLE the name of the processor...which is printed RIGHT THERE ON THE FRONT and he would have seen that what I listed is exactly what I sold. 

Apparently though, what I didn't realize all this time is that Craigslist has a return policy.  If you buy something that you have buyers remorse about, even if the item is EXACTLY what the seller said it was, you can go right back to that person's house and get your money back!  No receipt needed.  Just peek your face in their window and voila!

Lesson learned.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cool tricks. Cool tricks.

I figure we are just moments away from me discovering he has removed all his clothes.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Leyton and Whisky have a great bond.

No matter how much battering that dog takes, he is never far from Leyton's side.

I wonder why?

Monday, December 12, 2011

We love Santa!

Last year Leyton went and saw Santa and this happened......

A happy drunk looking Santa and a happy little baby.

I knew this year was going to be different.  I knew Leyton was likely not going to be quite as happy to see Santa.

Let's face it, Santa doesn't look all that happy to see Leyton either.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

How dead are your branches?

It's official.  The Christmas tree is dead.  It has just as many branches without needles as it does branches with. It is brown.  I sweep up at least this many needles every day.

So much for my $10 Wise Buys savings.  I now have a dead Christmas tree on my porch.  Bah Humbug.

Thursday, December 08, 2011


Stressing out over a child's haircut is RIDICULOUS!  Did I mention that yesterday?  I was making myself sick to my stomach.  Then I got a piece of advice.  I had a couple people tell me "Just cut his bangs" but I felt like that would make him look even more like a girl.  Finally someone said the most simple thing..."well, you have an appointment for a haircut anyway on if you don't like how it looks with bangs they can fix it."


While Leyton was finishing his dinner I snuck up on him from the back and cut his bangs.  He hated it, but it was so quick that he didn't have too much time to react.  Know what?  It looks fine!!!  For some reason I was picturing these straight across bangs, but with the way Leyton's hair grows it just looks layered?

Needless to say our haircut appointment is cancelled and Leyton will continue sporting his long wavy hair for the time being.  I know eventually it will have to be cut, but for now I'm happy.  I promise, no more posts about ridiculous attachment to my child's hair.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The do.

I have a problem.  I am seriously attached to my sons hair.  It's ridiculous but I've heard that the first step in solving a problem is admitting that you have one?  When Leyton's hair started to curl up I was so excited.  Plus, those lofty beachy surfer looking waves suited him.  I've gone all this time without cutting it.  In fact, I really thought that it would get cut when he told me he wanted it cut.  Problem is, now it's in his face all the time.  The hair in the front won't curl in this cold weather and it makes me crazy.  At home I just use a bobby pin, but if I take him in public like that he will get called a girl even more than he does now.  So, there is only one solution.  Cut the hair.

We have an appointment on Saturday.  Leyton ABSOLUTELY hates when people mess with his hair so I can only imagine that this experience is going to be worse than when he has to get shots.  I'm hoping they can keep it on the longer side, just trim it up.  I'm hoping that the curl doesn't all get cut off as I've been told sometimes you do cut it and it doesn't curl again.  I'm hoping I make it out of that salon without crying myself.

Ridiculous!  Is there a support group for this kind of thing?

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Don't happy.....just not too happy.

Yesterday on a visit to Target I left disturbed.  I know that shouldn't even happen because Target is not supposed to be a place of deep thought.  It's my one stop shop and I never wanted to add anything mental to the mix!  The only thing I want to be disturbed about when I leave Target is how I managed to spend $100 every time I step in there.

Anyway, we have to tell this story backwards.  So, we will start at the end.

I was checking out at the only register open that early in the morning.  At the front of the store was a "personal greeter" saying hello to people as they came in.

"That guy is just too happy," said the checker.  "I'm friendly to most people and can start a conversation with a stranger but it creeps me out a bit and makes me worried when someone is that friendly."

I myself, said nothing.  I didn't know what to say.  There were a couple things I wanted to do.  I wanted to put a plastic Target bag over her head and then punch her right on Target to name just one of them.  Instead, I just paid and left....disturbed.

You see, now we have to go back to the beginning.  The part where I was standing at the dollar bins listening to a man in his late 50's talk about losing the job he had for over 20 years due to cut backs.  The part where he looked for another job, anything really, just to make ends meet and not lose everything he had.  The part where everyone kept closing the door in his face because they weren't hiring, although he really felt they weren't hiring people his age.  The fact that he got to a place where he was so scared that his family wouldn't make it financially...........

and then...........

he got hired on as the Target greeter and has never been more happy to have a job in his life.

It made me so sad.  Sad to know that we are at a place where most people are skeptical over the person that seems "Too happy."  We think there is something wrong with them.  Something to be suspicious of.  They are weird.  They are odd.  They make us nervous or uncomfortable.

In a way, they are odd.  Odd because most of us can't even remember a day when we were that happy so it looks completely foreign to us.

I've thought a lot about what I want 2012 to look like.  What I hope to accomplish.  I've even thought about making a bucket list.  Now, I know.

I want to be as happy as the Target greeter.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Ha Ha Ha

Leyton has developed his "social laugh."  For those that might not know what that is, that is the laugh that he uses when he wants to join in the laughter.  The laugh he will give you if you ask him "Is that funny?"  This laugh is NOTHING like his real laugh.  His real laugh can light up a room.  His real laugh includes the biggest smile on his face.  I don't have video of this laugh yet, but you can tell from this pictures that he really gets into it.

His fake laugh includes faces that make you think he is screaming or in pain.

His fake laugh is all teeth. 

His fake laughs makes me laugh so hard I almost wet my pants.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Bath Time!

Leyton's mood as of late has been STELLAR!  He has been an absolute joy to be around this week, full of smiles, laughs, hugs and kisses.  The tyrant that wanted nothing more than to beat the shit out of me or the dog has taken a back seat for the time being and I couldn't be happier.

Bath time has always been hit or miss for this dude.  If he is not in the mood then HE IS NOT IN THE MOOD.  Last night though he was having so much fun that I asked the hub to get the camera so I could take some pictures.  He was laughing as I was telling him "ewwww" because he kept sucking bath water out of the washcloth.

Seriously, look at that mouth full of teeth!!  The gap between the big one in the back and the front tooth will not be there much longer as more are working their way in now.  Anyway, back to the bath.  He was full of giggles and smiles.  Then it happened.  The smallest little grunt, but I knew exactly what was taking place.  Of course, since I had my camera I had to document.  Of course because I really need you to understand the joy of the situation I am going to share the picture with you.  Turn away if you are squeamish.

Yep, my son took a dump in the tub.  Yup, he also had corn the night before.  He of course also found this to be the funniest thing EVER and all I could do was laugh.

Onto step two...drying off.  Leyton HATES being dried off because he knows that eventually mommy is going to dry his hair.  He does not like his doo messed with.  I got Leyton a robe a long time ago at the Goodwill Outlets but didn't realized until last night that it probably fit.  Holy solution to our toweling off problem Batman! That kid LOVED the robe.  He just kept strutting around the house in it and the perfect part was, he kept the hood on so his hair got dried off.

Well, to be honest...the really perfect part is how freaking adorable he looks in a rob.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Lake of Dreams Book Review

As a big fan of The Memory Keepers Daughter, I was very excited to get the opportunity to read and write a review for The Lake of Dreams.

Lucy is currently living in Japan with her boyfriend Yoshi, when she decides to go home to help her injured mother.  She has not been home years, leaving shortly after her father's funeral some 10 years prior.  Shortly after returning home she discovers some interesting letters and an old blanket and sets off to find out more details about the item.  In doing so, she rekindles with her previous boy friend Keegan whom she left behind.

While at times I found the book a tad boring and full of unnecessary detail it was an interesting read.  It was interesting to watch Lucy try to trace back through history to discover the true meaning behind the items she discovered and in turn also finding herself....even though it didn't quite end in the way I expected it to!  I'll keep that to myself though as not to spoil anything for anyone.  I would recommend this book to fans of Kim Edwards!

This was a paid review for BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are my own.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Leyton's current obsession.....lights!  Anything that lights up is on his radar and if he knows it lights up, but isn't lit up then you will be listening to the word "ON" over and over and over again until said item is turned out.  The Christmas tree is on a timer and we've learned that we have to make sure it is set to go "ON" later in the morning or it will wake him up if he happens to be sleeping when it turns "ON".

We also have a snowman in the corner of our play room and before his feet even hit the ground after getting out of his crib he is running out to the snowman calling "ON."

It's fun to see Leyton started to communicate.  Sometimes it is a game trying to figure out what he is saying but man this kid can say a ton.  He's even starting to put together strings of words.  Some words are more annoying than others....ON for example.  On the other hand the word cookie and of course I love you pretty much slay me.

Here's to a long month of things being ON.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sacramento Children's Museum

Today we had a family outing to the Sacramento Children's Museum and overall it was great!  I'm sure it will get more and more interesting to Leyton the bigger he gets, but it was a fun place for him to just run around and be a kid.  He was at first fascinated by the tubs that carry the puff balls around and then blow them out.

He was too scared to put the balls in but boy did he like it when he got hit by a ball or a scarf flying through the air.

Then it was off to play in the water tables which of course he LOVED.

No matter what protective gear he wore he was soaked by the time we were done.

His other favorite were the spotlights that move the solar cars.

Really though, he just loves the spotlights and loved pushing the button to turn them on and then trying to look at them.

He wasn't a fan of the art room, I truly cannot get this kiddo to make a single art project at this point.  Hopefully he likes to do so later!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree.....

I wasn't sure how it would go down, the tree.  I could see it going both ways.  I could see the tree being of little interest and I could see the tree falling down on top of Leyton.  That said, I knew one thing....I didn't want to spend a ton on a tree that might end up on the porch within a couple hours.

Through the wonder of the internet and social media I discovered that a place called Wise Buys was selling trees for $9.99!  Now, these aren't the normal trees that we get....they are the puffy douglas firs.  But, $9.99 is $9.99!

The tree is up and Leyton is DEFINITELY the lights.  He wants to touch the lights, hit the lights, tug on the lights.  He would probably be more interested in the ornaments...but the ornaments are all over his head which really makes for the most ridiculous looking tree!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

My what a big boy in his little Toms.  Here's to a wonderful Thanksgiving and remembering what I have to be thankful for.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Occupy Best Buy???

Please, PUUUUHHHHHHLLLLEEEAAASEEEEEE tell me that this is the start up of another Occupy protest.

Because, if this is just some stupid baffoon that is parked in front of Best Buy on a MONDAY for super deals on FRIDAY then I'm about to pepper spray an idiot...because you know, that's how we roll in CA!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Cooking with Kiddos

I was recently approached by Kathleen to do a guest post on my blog and when I read what she wrote I was all for it.  There is something I want to be sure of, Leyton knows how to cook.  I want him to be able to put together nice meals, bake, etc.  Maybe he won't love it, maybe it won't be a passion...I just want to know that he knows how to make more than a box of mac and cheese or something that gets thrown in the microwave.  I'm already bringing him into the kitchen with me as much as I can, and he even has his own kitchen to play in.  Right now, we're just working on getting him to understand what is "hot" but I can't wait to teach him more and I will definitely use Kathleen's tips!

Cook More than Just Dinner as a Family
Article submitted by Kathleen Thomas on behalf of Primrose Schools

Children love to help their parents, especially in the kitchen. Preparing a meal with your children offers valuable together time, while providing them with a sense of accomplishment. The presence of sharp objects and hot surfaces, however, may also prove dangerous to young chefs. When cooking with children, always consider safety first. With a few precautions and age appropriate guidelines, parents can invite their little helpers to participate in this enjoyable, rewarding experience.

Consider the kind of tools, utensils and cooking methods that are best suited for children to handle, according to their ages. Detect any items that may pose a threat and move them out of reach. Cooking methods that require things like sharp knives or boiling water should be done ahead of time by the adult. Inform the child of items that are off limits, such as burner knobs and processor blades. Make sure they understand the reasons these things may be dangerous. Write a list of these items, along with all of your kitchen's safety rules and post them on the fridge.

To save time and insure safety, do the complicated and time-consuming work before the child enters the kitchen. Tasks such as, slicing, dicing, peeling and grating require sharp instruments and would take a child too long to accomplish. Casseroles that require pasta or rice should be cooked, drained and cooled enough for a child to handle. Open cans and discard all jagged edges.

For children who aren’t old enough to participate in oven or stovetop cooking, consider simple foods that don’t require heat. Stacking cheese slices on sandwich bread or stirring the pancake mix is enough to get a beginner involved. Think of simple tasks for the little assistant, such as spinning the lettuce leaves or pushing the microwave buttons. As the child becomes comfortable in the kitchen, teach her new skills. Together you and your child will know when she is able to handle bigger tools, harder tasks and more ingredients. Encourage her to do a little bit more each time, under your guidance, until she is ready to do it on her own.  In doing so you are preparing your children for being comfortable on their own in a day care or child care setting.

Because most of the work involves simple tools and easy to mix ingredients, baking is a wonderful means of early introduction to cooking. Kids enjoy the job of pouring ingredients into one big bowl, and are excited and proud to operate the mixer. Combine those duties with the use of fun tools like measuring spoons and the additions of sweet ingredients, and what’s not for a child to love about baking? As an added bonus, they learn about measurements and timing.

Forget about the mess. Children are going to be messy in the kitchen and becoming upset may only discourage their desire to participate. Allow them to enjoy the process and accept that there will be spills, splatters and mishaps along the way. Just wipe up the bigger spills as you go along and remember that it’s just a part of the process. Enjoy the memories you are creating now. Chances are, you won't even remember the cleaning up part later.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thrifty Thursday - $20 Challenge

I've decided to on occasion participate in the Bonnie Burrow's $20 challenge!  Basically, you go out thrifting with $20 and see where that takes you.

As I mentioned before, I'm on a bit of a clothes shopping spree at the thrift stores as of late.  I have a more than half empty closet that needs some clothes that fit.  There is one thing that I needed BIG TIME and that was a winter coat.  We'll be heading to Washington for the holidays and I knew I would need something warm and rain proof.  The Thrift Town on West El Camino has had a great selection of coats so I headed over there to see what I could find.

I got lucky!!!  I got a brand new with tags coat by the brand Weatherproof.  It was marked $19.99 but I had a full Thrift Town frequent buyer card which meant I was getting this brand new coat (which retails for $120) for only $9.99!!!!

That meant I had more money to spend so I also scored some pants and a top.

I normally hate khakis.  Likely from years of having to wear them when I worked at Bath and Body Works.  This is probably the first pair I have had in years.  The great part is....they are super long.  The pants are from the Gap and so is the top.  The top is part of their athletic line.

I scored it all for under $20!!!  I encourage you all to try this as well.  Go out with $20 and see what great things you can find!

Sorry for the sideways pictures this week. Sometimes Blogger likes to mess with me.  Oh, and the weight stayed the same this week.  Too many "eating out" moments made it harder to track!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Craigslist Etiquette

Do you buy or sell on Craigslist?  Yes!  Then let me ask you this, are you one of those SUPER ANNOYING BUYERS THAT I WANT TO MURDER?  No, oh good!  That could have turned out be an ugly situation.  Since I'm sure there are a couple of you afraid to speak up because murder could be painful I thought I would go ahead and share with you some Craigslist Etiquette.  Think of it as my wish list.

1.  Don't low ball me so much it is an insult.  I get it, it's Craiglist, you want a deal, you came to barter.  Don't offer me $25 for my $50 item though.  $40 would be an acceptable offer which I may or may not take.  If you drop the price in half...I'm always going to say no.  Oh, and don't try to pull the old $25 cash either.  This is Craigslist for gosh sake...all transactions are cash.  You in no way just sweetened the deal.

2.  When I say no, don't insult me more by telling me why I should take your offer.  This makes me want to say yes and then kill you when you come to buy the item.

3.  Don't email me asking if the item is available, make arrangements and then no show.  A text would be sufficient.  I really don't care that you don't want it anymore, but don't leave me hanging.

4.  Don't offer me lower than the price and then ask if I'll drive out to BFE to meet up with you.  In the listing it tells you where I live which in turn means that's where the item should be picked up.

5.  Don't show up to buy the item and then offer me less.  The sale has been made.  Oh, and don't try to be sneaky either with your "I don't have exact change bull shit."  This is not an ATM.

6.  Don't email me just to ask if the item is available and then never reply when I tell you yes.  First off, if it's on CL's available.  Second if you are a scammer who is just trying to get my email address then I really want to kill you.

1.  Remove your items when they sell please.

2.  If you have multiple items for sale, don't put $1 in the price unless the items are actually $1.

3.  Give me a picture of the actual item please.  Showing me the picture from the website when it is new tells me your item looks so bad there is no point in going any further.

There you have it.  Some simple rules I wish people would follow when using Craigslist.  Maybe I will make this a listing and sell it for a $1??  Problem is, everyone would just offer me 25 cents....

Monday, November 14, 2011

18 Months

Today you are 18 months old.  I don't have a photo of you wearing your 18 month number because, well, you wanted nothing to do with it.  Maybe we can get it tomorrow, maybe we skip 18???

You happened to have your 18 month doctor's appointment this very day as well.  These are the things we learned.

You are OFF THE CHARTS when it comes to height, basically meaning you are pretty much taller than all kids your age.  It is estimated that you will be 6'4" to 6'5".

You are also OFF THE CHARTS when it comes to head size.  I'm not sure if that includes your hair, but thankfully due to your height you don't look like a bobble head!

You have an ear infection.  Your first.  Ironic that I just posted recently about you not having ear infections.  It is in your cleft ear but likely caused by the COPIOUS amounts of teeth you have coming in right now which in turn is giving you mucous from hell.  This explains your mood.

It's been a rough month little dude, I'm not going to lie.  You just haven't been yourself.  You are sleeping terribly at night, your naps are all out of whack.  You are not as happy as your normally were.  You are pushing every limit there is to push and we have started time outs.  You have them daily.  Man when you are happy and smiling though there is nothing I want more in the world then to eat you up.  You are very mommy needy, but then will turn around and slap me in the face.  MIXED MESSAGES!!

The teeth and the ear have a ton to do with this and I'm hoping all are in and you are happy by Christmas.  Either way, I'm sure Santa will bring you more than a lump of coal!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Am I crazy???

Today I took Leyton for a walk and decided to take him to the park by our house for a bit.  Thing is, I have a love/hate relationship with the park.  For one, most everything is still too big for Leyton and yet he acts like it's all just his size.  I feel like I spend my time trying to keep him from trying to slide down the fireman pole more than I do watching him have fun.

The other part is quite frankly, the parents.  I know the park is a place for your kids to play, but I also don't think that means it's a place for you to turn a blind eye.  I see so many parents whose kids are up to no good and they are completely unaware of it.  What bothers me even more are the parents that seem to see what is going on, but still do nothing.  The park has become a place for these parents to just be social with other parents, and they could care less what is going on with their child.  I hope I never get to that point.

Today there were a couple examples I could give of this.  The little kids that got run over or pushed aside by someone bigger and on and on and on.  There was one that just really got to me though.  I came home wondering if I was crazy and just being super uptight??

There were three boys, all around 7.  They were playing together and having a good old time while their parents chatted on the sidelines, but all the while they were singing a song.  Singing a song at the top of their lungs.  Singing a song right in front of their parents who didn't seem to bat an eye.

"ABCDEFG, Barbie (or sometimes Barney or whomever) is my enemy.  Stick a shot gun up her nose, pull the trigger, her head blows."

I get it.  Boys will be boys.  I know I have many many years ahead of me where I am going to hear inappropriate things coming out of my son's mouth.  Thing is, I hope I at least have the decency to tell my son that it may not be the most appropriate song to be singing out in public.

I guess if that makes me the uptight Bitch mom then I will gladly take the crown and wear it with pride because today I didn't want to punish those boys at all.  I sure did want to bitch slap some parents though.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A fun Saturday!!

Boy has it been a while since this family got out and had some fun on a Saturday!  We woke up bright and early, thanks to Leyton, and decided that we'd go and check out the fish hatchery to let Leyton (and his daddy) see the Salmon.  It was a GORGEOUS day and so nice to be out and about.

 I was a little bummed because they had the gate to the ladder closed so there weren't too many fish making their way up, but man were there a ton in the river and a ton swarming by the closed gate.  In fact, my lovely child decided that he didn't want to wear his bright orange Croc and tried to throw it in the ladder on top of all the fish.  Thankfully it landed on a small walkway, which I wish I had a picture of now.  Most of the time there I spend just letting him run free as there is a ton of enclosed open space there!

Then it was off to Davis to visit the grandparents and have some lunch.  When we got home I had to focus my attention on making a birthday cake for a 1 year old birthday party.  I love making cakes for kiddos, and with Leyton going down for a late nap at 3pm I had a ton of time to make this....

A monster cake!!  This thing is all over Pinterest now and boy does it feel good to finally make something that I've liked on that site!  Hopefully Maddox enjoys his cake tomorrow at his bday...I sure had fun making it!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Brave Boy

Sometimes I am so impressed by Leyton.  Since he has had shots, he has only cried twice.  Once the very first time and the second time was when he actually got the shot in the middle of a nap that we couldn't wake him up from.  BIG MISTAKE!

Since Kaiser has called to remind me at least 6 times that Leyon hasn't had his shot yet I figured we'd go and get it over with today.  I needed mine too and I thought maybe if he saw me getting one then it wouldn't be so bad for him.

I'm not sure if that was the case, but the kid did not cry!  He gave a yell, essentially his OUCH and then just went back to wanting to eat his puffs.

Such a brave boy.  To celebrate we went to Arden Mall to walk around, check out Santa and play in the kids play area.  I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I...who hates the taking my kid to play IN A MALL but damn if it isn't the most age appropriate place for him right now!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thrifty Adventures

It seems that I'm in more of a clothes shopping mode when I got thrift shopping.  Dropping over 30lbs and having to clean out over half your closet can do that to a person.  Since I'm only allowing myself to buy used items I tend to focus on the clothes.

This week I picked up a two skirts and two shirts for $9!!!  Stuff that looks brand new!  I'll wear one of my new outfits in next weeks weight loss post, but today wanted to share with you an accessory.

This purse was $2.  I loved the fall color with the metal and girly ribbon flair.  The thing is...I hate handled purses so when I bought it I wasn't sure what the hell I was doing.  I decided to give it a try though and I LOVE IT.  The heavy metal handles keep it planted firmly on my shoulder and it's openness lets me find everything!

Even if I only carry it for a little while I'm happy with my $2 score from Thrift Town.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Shake it oooo.

Many many MANY years ago I started getting the shakes.  I'd say this started sometime in 1997 and at the time, without health insurance, I just chalked it off to coffee and stopped drinking it immediately.  Thankfully, it went away.  Then sometime in 1999 it came back.  I worked for a coffee company, but still did not drink so I really didn't have anything to blame it on.  All I knew was that my hands would shake.  Sometimes while typing, sometimes holding a pen/fork/etc.

Thankfully I had insurance then so I went to the doctor.  Right away he diagnosed it as benign essential tremors.  He gave me some meds and sent me on my way.  Only thing was the meds made me LOOPY, so I went back and for the first time ever the doctor told me this....

"When you get these shakes, have a drink.  If they stop, it is benign essential tremors and you have found a way to treat it without pills.  Come back though if you need many drinks throughout the day."

I laughed, but did just that.  When the shakes do come....I have a beer, a glass of wine...a drink and voila...the shakes stop.

It's been years however since I have had to do this and most of my drinks had nothing to do with eliminating shaking.  Until yesterday.  I was trying to type an email and man oh man did the shakes ever take hold.  It was just happening in my left hand, mostly my middle finger.

So, I had a drink and they were gone.  I'm pretty certain they are being brought on by stress.  I hope they don't stick around long.  I will say I was a little disheartened yesterday when I Googled benign essential tremors and discovered that they removed the word benign...because for some these tremors can be debilitating.  Here's to hoping these never make it that far.

Till then, as the doctor says, "A drink a day keeps the shakes away!"

P.S.  For those coming in for a weight loss update....I'm down 3.8lbs this week and now weigh 226.8.  It's so nice to be in the 220's...but man I can't wait to get out of this ugly 200 number :o)

Tuesday, November 08, 2011


The funnest thing about losing weight is fitting into clothes that are smaller than you used to wear.  Right now, just visiting my closet is like shopping for new items.  I'm a throw out type of person, but there are items that I hang onto because I really liked the hopes that one day I would slinky myself back into them.

Today I did just that.  I present to you...the little black dress.

I got this dress at Target, two years ago.  I loved the cut, the length, the pockets...everything.  It got to a point though where I looked like a sausage in a casing.  Then it got to a point where no amount of Spanx was going to make that dress zip up.

Today, the hubby zipped it up with ease.  I paired it with my favorite new boots and hit the bathroom for a picture :o)  There is just something about a LBD that makes me feel like a sexy woman.

Monday, November 07, 2011


Since the day you were born we started looking at you trying to figure out where this came from, who that came from.  You looked like your daddy, but now you look like just like your mommy.  Your daddy is still there though in the shape of your squared off jaw.  In the way your hair grows in a perfect circle giving you a little curl right on the top of your head.

Then there are the things that are all yours.  Things you don't get from anyone.  Things I love and also wonder if you will love when you get older.

When you were first born I noticed your ear.  Your ear lobe was shaped like a little heart.  The doctors said it was called a cleft ear.  They said it was an indicator of deafness.  You passed all your exams with flying colors. We were then told that you had greater chances of ear infections.  You thankfully have not had one yet.  The earlobe has changed as you've gotten older, but I know it's always going to look different.  I hope you love your little earlobe as much as I do. (Man, look at what a peanut you are in this picture!!!)

Your feet are huge!  Now, don't get me wrong, my feet are as well so it's not like it just happened to you.  You are almost 18 months and are in a size 7.  I don't have any other babies...but man that seems like a big foot.  We call them your turtle flippers.  The unique thing about them is the toe next to your big toe.  It's slightly stacked on top of your other toes.  I think this is just going to adjust itself the more your foot grows, but right now it makes for the cutest picture of the bottom of your foot...where it looks like you only have 4 toes.

You are your daddy's boy and your mommy's boy, but you are so uniquely you.  I love every little part of it.

Friday, November 04, 2011

My beautiful boy.....

Today was one of the most perfect days with Leyton in a very long time.  He wasn't sick, he wasn't miserable from teething.  He was just happy to be with his mommy and boy did I take advantage of every moment of it.

This is one of the best pictures ever.  I will cherish it forever.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Thrifty Adventures

This week was another slow one for Thrifty Adventures.  I feel like I haven't been in that thrifting mood lately.  I did manage to make one trip and found two items.  A pair of pants for myself and a super cute Gap coat for Kate!  The coat was a super steal, priced at $9 and was 50% off that day.  It's in beautiful condition and the inside lining is adorable.  My picture from the seat of my car does it NO JUSTICE!

How about you?  Did you find anything good and do you find yourself sometimes in non thrifting moods?

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

I'm a little hungover.....

Last night, after much anticipation and patience...I got an adult night out!  Not only that, but I got an adult night out with the hubby to go and see the Foo Fighters!

I've been a fan of Foo for quite some time.  Heck, I even figured out how to work a Foo song into my wedding procession.  Thing is, while I had the albums I never really gave going to see a show much thought.  Years ago a friend mentioned he was going to see the Foo Fighters do an acoustic show in Oakland so at the last minute I went to that show.  I left the show understanding for the first time why someone would follow a band around to see show after show, night after night.  I also knew that I wanted to see Foo rock it, to get a taste of the real stuff.

I have to say I was NOT disappointed.  I jumped up and down, pumped my fist in the air, oggled over Grohl and screamed my little heart out.  It has been a lonnnnnnng time since I have been to a show like that and I felt like I was 18 all over again.

I crawled into bed at 2am.  I was awoken by Leyton at 4am and then again at 6am.  It was at that moment that I did not feel 18 again.  Well, I felt like a very very hung over 18 again.  Only, I didn't drink.

This is what 35 feels like.


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