Friday, December 24, 2010


For Christmas Eve the hubby and I had the night to ourselves with our little dude. We decided to make some burgers and pulled out the Rachael Ray cookbooks. While she can be a tad annoying on her shows, this woman knows how to cook and she knows how to make a tasty burger. My favorite part of her burgers is she puts together items that you would never think to put together. Each time we make one we try to find the most obscure one we can find and give it a try. This recipe was out of her "365 No Repeats" cookbook and it was called the Jambalaya Burger with a corn/bean salad. Oh lord help me it was yummy! Everything about it was absolutely perfect. I wish I could share the recipe with you but unfortunately it's not on her site so I guess you'll have to buy the book or just look at the picture and imagine what it might taste like.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! Bring the book over here please. That looks amazing. -Mark


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