Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Thanks Gary!

Gary Rith is a pottery extraordinaire! I found him a while back through Bossy's site and immediately asked him to make me a piece, back then it was a big old piggy bank and I love it still to this day. I knew this year that I wanted to get a couple Christmas gifts from Gary. The good thing with Gary is he has an assortment of stuff you can buy already made or you can ask him for something custom. He doesn't charge outrageous prices, he will tell you honestly if he doesn't think he can do something and for gosh sakes the man cooks and lives in a purple house with his beautiful wife!

I can't show you all the things I got from Gary because it would ruin the surprise, but I will show you what I got the hubby. He hasn't caught onto the big blog won't even find him on Facebook unless it's in a sneaky picture I put up there :o) If he does read this, then B...this is one of your Christmas gifts....act surprised when you unwrap it ok?

I asked Gary to make some Whisky tumblers with our yellow lab Whisky on them! He didn't get his name because we like drinking water so I knew it would be a perfect gift. Thanks so much Gary! Oh, and you....the one reading this....why don't you go and buy some stuff from Gary. Well, unless you reading this is Gary because I know you read this and buying some stuff from yourself would just be silly.

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Gary's third pottery blog said...

OH HEY! :) thank you!


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