Wednesday, December 01, 2010

She's gonna kill me for this!

You're probably wondering why I'm posting a picture of a woman in a bra on my blog, I mean it's not even St. Patrick's Day when I typically post the large breasted lady. Well, the said woman in this picture is none other dentist! Yep, this is the person that gives me my pearly whites. I also used to nanny for her many many years ago and for those long time readers she is who gave me Louie my English Bulldog.

Kristina was part of a calendar last year in support of breast cancer and I have had it hanging by my desk, looking at pictures of random strangers in a bra. I was so happy to switch the page and finally get to her picture which I think is the cutest one.

So, if you need a dentist...I highly recommend Kristina! She has a practice in Dixon and it is worth the drive!!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

This is your dentist? There are times when California seems a little different from other parts of the world :)

Aimilee said...

My husband wants to know if she takes Delta Dental! LOL


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