Monday, December 06, 2010

Must have been stoned.......

The first time I went to New York was quite a frightening experience. I was 17 years old and traveling on a train from Connecticut to New York to meet up with my mom. I was told repetitively by my then boyfriend's sister that it was a good thing I was traveling into Penn Station because Grand Central was just to big and scary. Half way to my destination I found out that I was actually going to Grand Central....and yet my mom was going to be at Penn Station to pick me up. I knew that was it for me and that I would wind up stabbed by a bunch of young gangsters that would just know I was alone and afraid and didn't belong there. I mean, that's the impression that we had of New Yorkers on the West Coast. They were mean, unfriendly and probably all carried a weapon.

Needless to say, when I arrived the family was one step ahead of me and already there waiting. I was relieved, but still a little frightened of this new place, haggard from lack of sleep and the stressful train trip. I followed my step dad into a bar to meet up with the rest of the party. We stood and had a beverage, a soda for me of course, and then went to leave. I was immediately plowed into by the person behind me and knocked to the ground. Oh great, I thought, the shiv into my gut is probably coming next. Instead though some strong hands grabbed me from behind to help me up and the voice was all full of apologies. Oh and that voice was a voice I knew, an unmistakable gravel deep tone.

It was Eric Roberts. Now, when I got my composure back I simply dusted myself off...thanked him for helping me and off we went. My family encouraged me to go back and get an autograph, but I didn't want to bother him and insisted that we continue on.

The sad part about this story was when I got one knew who Eric Roberts was. Here I had been in contact with someone famous and everyone just looked at me dumb founded when I said the name. Had they never seen "Runaway Train" or "Final Analysis?"

Last night I watched the first two episodes of Celebrity Rehab in which Eric Roberts is a patient. I still think he's pretty sexy and that voice is still the same. What I have sense learned though is that Eric Roberts is addicted to weed. If he doesn't smoke weed, the meanness in him comes out and that is the guy that always gets in fights and gets arrested. Thank heavens that back in 1993, Eric Roberts was stoned and one of the nicest people I came in contact with in New York.

Next time I'll tell you about the next celebrity encounter in New York with Christian Slater...shortly after his arrest for beating the crap out of someone. What is it with me and bad boys in New York?


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Eric Roberts! Golly! Julia's brother, Emma's father, right?
If you passed through Grand Central on Saturday you would:
a) bump into me! We would say hullo, I would be so happy to meet you, the baby, your husband and I would give you your pottery order.
b) realize that NY city is FULL of babies these days! Everybody is pushing a stroller. I am meeting up with my friends Tiffany and Alexander and their baby, same age as yours. NY is a lot safer than it was! c) Grand Central had a massive facelift. I remember the before, but now? Lots of clean bathrooms, wonderful stores and restaurants, as clean, bright and safe as can be. :)

Duffy said...

I swear you've told this story before! Somehow it seems really familiar..... Not that I mind reading it again. =)
Or maybe I'm crazy.

I was bumped into by Woody Allen (in NYC),(knocked down hard really) and he was a total dick about it. And I proceeded to cuss him out obnoxiously. He was also with his daughter/wife Soon-Yi. Blech.

I nearly tripped and killed myself on Mary Tyler Moore's tiny dog in Macys in NYC, and I made some comment that made her nearly cry.

I also pissed off Rosie O'Donnell in NYC, but neither of us bumped into each other.

I just have the good fortune of pissing off celebrities in NYC. =)

PS, Penn Station is WAY more confusing that GC.

Always love your stories!


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