Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Tis the night before 2011 and all through the house,
my wee beast is stirring with drool coming out of his mouth.
The teething tablets sit in the cabinet with care,
in hopes I won't have to listen to screams in my ear.
The dog is sitting with his bark collar on
which doesn't stop one bark when someone walks past our lawn.
And Mr. Ball in his running gear, and I in my sweats,
Do you think we're going out? I'll let you place bets.
When out of my child's nose there arose such a riot,
since drooling wasn't enough we now have a river of snot!
Away to the kiddo I run with a wipe,
so I can clean off that soaking wet face with a swipe.
When what to my wondering eyes should I see,
two pearly white things....I think we have teeth!
Sharper than razors they come out of his gums,
I sure hope that Orajel makes it go numb!
Then suddenly a rumbling sound in his gut,
and with a scrunched up red face it comes right out his butt.
I sit back and think that just 8 months ago,
I had not a single clue this was how my New Years would go.
Poopy butts, snotty noses and a river of drool?
Can I pray that teething season will only give us two?
Then a smile comes across my little guys mug
and all I can do is want to give him a hug.
And a realize that this is as good as it gets
and 2010 might just be the best year yet!
Because even if we end it with terrible teething pain,
Mama can drown it all after bedtime with her bottle of champagne!!

Happy 2011 Everyone!!!

1 comment:

Duffy said...

Loved it! And his outfit is too cute too!


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