Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Update

Well, I am officially 99.9% done with my shopping this year. On a sad note, I made very very few gifts this year, in fact only made stuff for the babies. I did however do ok in the buying homemade department. While I didn't hit 100%...I did hit about 80% and I think that's pretty good! There were just some people that I had a hard time finding gifts for that were handmade and I will readily admit that I was also a bit lazy this year. I can't wait to show you some of the stuff I made the babies, but that will have to happen after the holidays!

I'm sure you are wondering about the photo. As some of you know I like googling for images just to see what I get back because I simply have a hard time posting without a photo. Can you guess what I searched for in order to get the photo???


Gary's third pottery blog said...

YES Stacey, thank YOU for making me one of the handmade gift makers!

Rain said...

I'm guessing either mistletoe or gift wrap?!


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