Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Thrifty Tuesday?

I'm thinking of starting a weekly feature on the blog, Thrifty Tuesday. A specific day to showcase any great items I got thrifting or at garage sales that week. What do you think? The thing is...I normally don't get a chance to go to a Thrift Store each week so it might be a little tricky to pull off...but I do like a challenge.

Either way, here are a couple great items I scored on a recent trip. I'm always looking at the baby stuff now and still hit the toys area for the rare Fisher Price item. I had success with both areas!
I picked up this great Vintage Chip and Dale baby blanket for $1!!!! It's in excellent condition with no stains or marks. The flannel body does how wear but I can't tell you how soft it is, the blanket is trimmed in white satin with not a blemish to be found. This morning I tucked Leyton into his car seat with this blanket and he was asleep in moments.Also, a rare Fisher Price find. The old school house! The bell is missing off the top, but otherwise is in great shape. I love how when you open the wall there is a great chalk board inside. Now, if I could only find some desks and people....you never find the people in thrift stores, but I'll keep looking and maybe they will show up on Thrifty Tuesday!

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katie jean said...

Great finds! And a great article idea. You could do a link party!

The school house should also have a tray for the red slot inside. It had removable letters on it. I'll keep an eye out for you!


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