Monday, November 08, 2010

Thanks Mama and the Dudes!

I found a blog last week and I am absolutely in love with it, Mama and the Dudes. These twin boys could not be any cuter and their creative mama is awesome. Plus, she loves moustaches which almost makes us soul mates.

She recently posted a tutorial on how to make baby leg warmers. I've wanted some of these for Leyton but found most of them to be very girly AND was not going to fork out over $20 for them. so instead I bought a $5 three pack of socks at Walmart, followed the simple tutorial and now Leyton is rocking the leg warmers. These are going to be great when he starts crawling around!Thanks Mama and the Dudes!!

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momma j lee ♥ said...

I've been wanting to get leg warmers for my son too but didn't want to fork out the $$$ for them ..this is great! THANKS SO MUCH!

btw - great blog :)
I'm a new mom myself and now a new follower of your blog.

Happy Bloggings!
Momma J


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