Thursday, November 04, 2010

A story in tattoos.....

I realized when trying to come up with items to post each day for NaBloPoMo that I have never shown all of my tattoos and given the story (if there is one) behind them. I got my first tattoo when I was 18 and I don't think more than two years have gone by where I haven't gone "under the needle." That said, I have a total of 8 tattoos. Let's start at the beginning shall we? I think when I was 16 I asked my mom if I could get a ladybug tattooed on my pinkie toe. She said no, wait till your 18. When I was 18, I went in to get it and they said it wouldn't hold up on my toe. So, I got it on the top of my foot instead. Guess what? Didn't hold up on there either. By the time I was in my 20's it looked like a black spider. I decided to transform it and so I got a fish over the top. The fish had this perfect spot on it's head that covered the ladybug nicely. I absolutely love how this tattoo looks when I wear heels!

After the ladybug tattoo I went and got a sunflower on my back. It was a drawing I always used to do in high school and is really the only tattoo I wish wasn't there...only because it seems like such wasted space for something nicer. This tattoo has been worked on about 6 times. Originally it was just the center part and it wasn't in color. Everyone thought it was a spider web so I got color, then everyone thought it was a pineapple. I then had it redone and by the time it was finished it covered my whole lower back. Again, I really don't think I've ever loved it. It's just there.

Next up I got a gnome that I found in a book of gnomes. Originally the gnome just floated above my ankle. My mom always though it needed to be grounded on something so years later I went and got a mushroom for it to sit on.

For my 5 year anniversary with Bill I wanted to get a tattoo for him, but I wasn't going to do names. So, I got a bumble bee. I call Bill "B" so it was the perfect way to express it.

When Bill and I got married I wanted another tattoo to mark that moment. We got married in a barn and had horseshoes on our invitations so I got the horseshoe on my neck. I love this simple tattoo!

Then there was the big accident of 2007, the one that left me hobbled up on the couch for almost a year unable to walk. You know, that little wave incident that happened on my honeymoon. If you're new here, you can start reading about that lovely moment here. It's both a comedy and a anyway. When I was finally able to walk I wanted another tattoo to mark what I had just gone through. That was when I met Alfredo. I went in for a consult and told him the story, I told him I wanted a crutch, and some waves and a banner word. He took all I told him and created this amazing design. This will always be a HUGELY important tattoo for me. When times are tough I know I can Transcend anything!

Next up, the hanger for my mom. This is another one of my favorites! I love that when someone asks me why I have a hanger I tell them "It's because I call my mom Mommy Dearest." The horror and look on their face is classic, no one quite knows what to say after that. Love you Mommy D!

Finally, the Leyton foot print. Also an epic important piece for me.All in all I like my tattoos. Each one is a piece of time. While I might not love them all and would like some things different and some things not there at all....isn't that true about life in general? As easy as it is for someone that doesn't like tattoos to think that they wouldn't want anything permanent because what if they regretted it later, I wouldn't not want them there. I'm always going to regret some things in life and wish I hadn't done them. Having a tattoo there reminds me of those moments instead of being able to just sweep them under the rug and forget about them.

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