Saturday, November 27, 2010

Small Business Saturday Success!

Today my mom and I made a couple trips to support Small Business Saturday. Even if they didn't take American Express it was important to me to support the small local business. Our first stop was one of my favorite purse stores Finders Keepers. Barbara has some of the most amazing handbags and jewelry. She recently added a baby boutique to her store and they carry the only socks that stay on Leyton's feet, Me In Mind. I bought him some new socks and his Grandma got him the most adorable hat! We're working on a pattern for this hat so we can make more and perhaps sell them or give them as gifts!

Our next stop was to Never Felt Better Vegan Shop. Jen has great vegan and animal friendly products, and even if you eat meat like can't beat the handmade items. I walked away with a great owl scarf thanks to my mom and American Express!!We finished up the day by heading downstairs to Sugar Plum Vegan for a delicious Whoppie Pie!

To sum it up Small Business Saturday was a huge and delicious success!!

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momma j lee ♥ said...

very cute hat!! & the baby boy fills it out nicely!!


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