Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Not thrifty

I was not thrifty this week so this is not Thrift Tuesday! I realized I spoiled it by posting my garage sale find this weekend instead of being patient. Oh well, there is always next week and an exciting possible thrift party in the works so it could be for the best.

On to better things, Mr. Leyton. He's babbling a ton now and last week his babbles started sounding like "dada." While he has no idea what he is saying, it sure is cute. Add to that a face covered in sweet potato and lord help us all.


johnna said...

If your blogs shows an extra thousand or so hits, it's only me getting a grinning, babbling, happy baby fix to brighten up my day!

Anonymous said...

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Wendy G said...

Um...this is so cute. I love him and that smile :)


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