Wednesday, November 03, 2010

More pics!

The hubby came out to the GETty Crafty event so he could drop off Leyton. He and his friend Eric also walked around the event to check stuff out. There were two vendors he really liked, a guy named Chris who draws pictures of Flies for fishing, the other was a woman named Tina who had photography up. He told me he liked her photos and we should get one for our bedroom wall!

I contacted Tina about getting a particular photo from her shop Scatterbox site and not only did she say she could do it in the requested size but she sent it to me for free! Wowza, that made my day.I'm so happy to add the new artwork to the bedroom wall collage. I mean really, who doesn't need a few more Hot Weiners in the bedroom?

1 comment:

Scatterbox said...

Hey! I know them weiners! Looks great on the wall. One question, though - Is that an afro cupcake? If so, that might be the best cupcake of all time.


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