Monday, November 29, 2010

Merry Christmas

To say that the hubby and I have really good luck this time of year is like saying that I would enjoy walking through Times Square naked in the dead of winter....which I wouldn't want to do just in case some of you think I might be weird enough. We always have things breaking down or streaks of bad luck. Car repairs, broken appliances, busted electronics. You name it! So, this year is not different. We had some major car repair, and then on the way to pick up said car yours truly ran through a red light. I have never had a ticket before and boy when that red light camera flash went off I was wishing that I had been giving the bird while going through the intersection. I knew I was wrong, but I was in that situation where breaking is going to be fast and hard or just step on it a bit and go through. I obviously picked the wrong option. In California....these tickets are almost $500. What makes it worse, while I still fully admit I was wrong, I was also on a dinky little residential intersection. I feel like these fines should be different levels depending on where you are. Nope, not happening.

Oh, and this Thanksgiving??? I got to be thankful that at least the washing machine broke down on black Friday so I could get a deal. I hope people are accepting kisses for Christmas this year.

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Carol Browne said...

Only one word for this - CRAP!

I got a parking ticket - $60 at school last month. So lame. Yours if FAR worse.

Ah BOOO! to the red light ticket camera.


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