Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Making Baby Food

As soon as Leyton was ready to eat solids I was pretty set that I was going to do everything I could to make his food. I would buy the cereals (rice, oatmeal, etc) but no foods from a jar or what not. This wasn't any strong belief, although I know it is better for him. More than anything it was a cost thing. I already got hit in the wallet having to put him on formula at a month old so if I could ease the burden of food costs I was all over it. He's now been eating solids for 2 months and I haven't purchased a single jar yet! I would even make his cereals if I had a better food processor.

I thought I'd show you a tutorial on how I make the food! I didn't buy any expensive baby food maker as I didn't see the need to have a $200 appliance that just did one thing. Today we are making pears! I started by peeling and dicing all the pears. Then I set up my pot with a steaming basket and steam the pears for 20-30 minutes. It really depends on what kind of food you are steaming and how ripe it is.

Once the pears are steamed, into the food processor they go. I start by pulsing them on the "food processor" setting. From there I can tell if I'm going to need to add some water. I only add water if there isn't enough liquid in the product to blend up. Once I get it pulsed I turn it on steady for a couple minutes, then switch to the "puree" setting until they are nice and smooth. We do this in the garage because I'm pretty sure I have the loudest food processor EVER.

Now that we are all blended I get my dollar store ice cube trays and fill away.
Once filled they go into the freezer till they are good and solid at which point I transfer them into a labeled freezer bag. It's important to use freezer bags so you avoid frost bite.

That's it! When he's ready to eat I either thaw in the fridge or on low power in the microwave. Right now he eats about 2 cubes each time. In the beginning it was just a half a cube. I typically can get him about 15 servings of food for roughly $3. I do this with everything! We have bags full of avocado, sweet potato, winter squash, mango, green beans and pears waiting in the freezer. It's so convenient, so easy and so cheap!!

Hope this helps you out in your baby food making!!


momma j lee ♥ said...

thanks for sharing!
i actually can't wait till nate starts solids - as much as i love breast feeding, my girls need a break. haha.

and i'm with you on the wallet friendly method, especially since i love preping food i think i'm really going to enjoy making his meals as simple as it may be. i want to know exactly what goes into my little boy.

Joanna Goddard said...

this is amazing and so smart! i love this!

vanessa said...

I tried my hand at some and I used breast milk instead of water. Gets them those nutrients also while some solids if you can. Thanks for the instructions - so excited for my daughter to start solids!


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